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Obligatory post about the Joe Mixon tape…

As you know, the Joe Mixon video was finally released to a way-too-eager-media on Friday afternoon. I'm not going to post the video on here. If you want to watch it, it's pretty easy to find. Instead, let's get Mickey Rourke's thoughts instead:

Uhm, did Mickey nearly go after a woman for implying he was drunk? Maybe he should try to walk-on at OU. As long as he's not rapping on YouTube, Stoops will obviously give him a scholarship!

Anyway, I guess you can say everyone has thoughts about Mixongate. It shouldn't be surprising. Even though Mixon's "altercation" with Amelia Molitor happened over two years ago, was widely reported at the time, and he's since served a season long suspension and been charged and punished for his crimes, we live in a dumbed-down society where images speak way louder than words. Plus, it's a slow end of the year news cycle and media websites like this really need clicks.

As a result, it was impossible to open Facebook or Twitter this past weekend and not find a barrage of re-hashed hot takes on what happened at Pickleman's that infamous summer night. They were all over the map. We saw thoughtful essays about violence against women that rightfully questioned OU's mind-boggling decision to let Mixon stay on scholarship. We saw people lose their minds and actually attempt to justify what Mixon did. We also saw Schadenfreudial OSU fans use the Mixon tape as an opportunity to suddenly care about violence against women and take jabs at OU football fans.

Well, at least that's what ESPN college football writer (and OSU grad) Brett McMurphy did. Check out this now deleted tweet:

Hehe. Get it? Boom-her. That's funny, because Joe Mixon is a star OU football player who smashed in a woman's face and OU fans yell Boomer at games! That guy has mad jokes! #BEDLAMHATE

After feeling the wrath of embarrassed OU football fans like me who think Mixon should have been immediately kicked off the team once Stoops, Boren, Castiglione watched the video, McMurphey deleted the tweet, apologized and got back to putting up Mike Holder's Christmas Lights.

Just like everyone else, I have a lot of random WTF thoughts about the Mixon thing. And just like everyone else, I was going to jump on the bandwagon and share them with you. Unfortunately my Cox internet is now down and I really don't feel like typing the rest of this on my phone. As a result, I'll point you to this obligatory Boomer Tramel article about the tape and the related fallout. It's not on video, and he's not holding a tiny dog on the streets of L.A., but it's a decent read.

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