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The Oklahoman is out to make some happy husbands…

12:54 PM EST on December 5, 2016


At The Oklahoman's cheesy promotional website,, they have a series of testimonial-style commercials that I think are supposed to trick grandparents into giving their grandchildren newspaper subscriptions as shitty Christmas presents. One of the spots features Abigail. She's a 4th grade student who wants to be president some day.

Check it out:

That's sweet! I wish Abigail all the luck in the world in becoming our first female President! She's obviously better than the last group of clowns we had to choose from. She already has my vote.

That being said, Abigail may want to talk to mom about subscribing to a different newspaper. Otherwise, the only thing she'll learn is how to make her husband happy...


That's a screenshot of an article that appeared front and center on for a couple of hours on Sunday morning. Some of the tips included, and I'm not making this up, "cleaning," "cooking," and "good night kisses." For some reason, road head didn't make the cut.

Thanks to a heavy dosage of social media outrage, the paper took down the article before you could say "make me dinner." Thankfully, they left up all their other articles about spousal happiness...


As the paper's de facto Social Media Customer Service Coordinator, Steve Lackmeyer was up bright and early trying to throw water over the fire. In a now deleted tweet, he blamed an inexperienced "young person" for allowing the article to go on That's comforting. It's good to know the website for the state's largest newspaper is now overseen by inexperienced young people.

After a couple of minutes, Steve deleted that tweet. He then changed tone and blamed the outside content farm that produced the piece. For good measure, he also came after us:


Yeah, that's not true. In the almost 10-year history of this website, we've never resorted to using "automatic content feeds" to produce any content, much less offending sexist drivel. We proudly produce all of that on our own!

Regardless, I took Steve's bait:


Anyway, the article is still online at its original source – the somewhat ironically named "" If you want to get a little chuckle, and /or see what the Internet would have looked like in the 1950s, I'd suggest you check it out. Well, unless you're an aspiring 4th grader who wants to be our country's first woman president. Then, just like with The Oklahoman, you may want to stay away.

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