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We’re getting another abortion clinic!


Yep guys, this is real. I'm not joking around. I'm seriously going all 1980s on you and writing about abortion! I'm making this mistake because...

A) Our comments section has gone to hell ever since Trump was elected, so I figured covering a light-hearted, non-contentious topic that people don't feel passionately about is exactly what the doctor ordered.


B) In case you didn't hear, the OKC metro is in the midst of an abortion clinic bonanza! Only a few months after a new abortion clinic opened on the southside, Planned Parenthood announced it is opening a new abortion clinic in Warr Acres. Let the abortion price wars begin!

Via News 9:

Planned Parenthood is opening a new abortion clinic in the Oklahoma City area, the second new abortion provider to open in the state's largest city since September.

Planned Parenthood Great Plains announced on Tuesday that it was opening the new clinic in Warr Acres, a suburb in northwest Oklahoma City. Although Planned Parenthood operates several health clinics in Oklahoma, this new facility is the first that will offer abortion services.

The organization's President and CEO Laura McQuade said in a statement they are opening the facility despite Oklahoma having some of the nation's strictest anti-abortion laws.

That's cool! Congrats to the Northwest Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce on landing the big Planned Parenthood abortion facility! It's nice to see them taking advantage of Warr Acres low sales tax rates. I can't wait to see pics from the ribbon cutting in the newsletter. Hopefully it's as nice as the $8-billion abortionplex in Topeka.

On that note, I think I'm going to wrap this post up and go write a more fun topic like gun control, immigration or gay marriage. Enjoy the comments!

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