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Weddings, Receptions and Bake Sales Banned At Crumbling State Capitol…

12:23 PM EDT on September 27, 2016

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Here's some bad news if you want to have a wedding inside a crumbling, sewage-smelling relic that symbolizes the general incompetence and failure of our state government.

Yesterday, the Office of Management and Enterprise Services announced that private events at the State Capitol have been cancelled due to safety issues.


State officials in charge of a $245 million renovation of the Oklahoma Capitol are warning tenants and visitors of major changes, including an end to reserving public space in the building through 2022.

Office of Management and Enterprise Services spokesman John Estus said Monday that reservations for most public spaces inside the building will be suspended for safety purposes beginning in 2017. That includes reserving space for weddings and receptions and other events in the building rotundas or hallways.

That's great. The Office of Management and Enterprise Services just became my favorite state agency. They've determined the capitol is not safe enough to host private events, but it's a perfectly fine location for our lawmakers to pass unconstitutional, archaic legislation that damages our national reputation. If that doesn't give state reps, senators and lobbyists the motivation they need to help resolve the man-made earthquake crisis, I'm not sure what will! It's nice to see at least one state agency hold our lawmakers accountable.

That being said, I guess it does kind of suck if you had a wedding scheduled. My brother married my sister-in-law in the rotunda in 2010. It's actually a nice, picturesque setting if you forget that lawmakers work there. Plus, if you light enough candles and hang lots of flowers, the smell really isn't all that bad.

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