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Channel 5 thinks BJ’s is a brewery…


It was a pretty great weekend for lovers of Oklahoma craft beer. For the first time in our state's proud fun-hating history, Oklahoma beer brewers were able to legally sell cold, high-point, locally crafted brews directly to thirsty customers for immediate consumption, creating long lines and sloshed smiles at breweries all across the state.

Naturally, KOCO decided to capitalize on the popularity of this movement by warning viewers that a cell phone containing child porn was found at a local brewery...

Child porn found on phone left at brewery, suspect arrested

Police arrested one person after child pornography was found Saturday afternoon on a cellphone left at a brewery.

According to police, an employee at the BJ's Brewery on West Memorial Road found the phone about 4 p.m. When the employee opened it to make a call to locate the owner, the employee found a disturbing website already opened with images of child pornography.

Police were notified immediately.

When the person returned to retrieve the phone, police arrested the suspect.

That's interesting. I've always wondered what type of person goes to boring chain restaurants like BJs. Now we know... and knowing is half the battle.

Seriously, though, what's KOCO doing? Let's forget the obvious questions here like: "Why didn't the owner of the phone have a passcode?" or "What was the BJ's employee doing looking through the phone's internet browser?" or "How do we know the owner of the phone was the perv browsing sick shit online?" What I want to know is why KOCO is referring to BJ's as a brewery? Are they trying to tarnish all the good stuff that's happened to the industry over the past couple of years? If this happened at On The Border would they call it a "Cantina?" I think the answer is "probably."

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