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The Spanish-owned Soccer Club In Yukon Experiment Isn’t Working Out So Well…

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It looks like Scizoro the Scissortail's reign of terror on the Oklahoma City metro may be coming to an end.

Last week, The Oklahoman reported that Rayo OKC – the fledgling Spanish-owned minor league soccer franchise that plays its matches in the soccer hotbed of Yukon, Oklahoma – is going through some rough times. In addition to the team's parent club, Rayo Vallecano, being relegated to a lower division in Spain, the NASL franchise is running out of cash, coaches, and employees.


Rayo OKC continues business despite major front office shake-up

The Rayo OKC office at 300 N Walker in downtown Oklahoma City is quiet.

Despite the North American Soccer League expansion club playing its best soccer of the season, and competing for a Fall season title and trip to the postseason, the office is silent.

That's because there aren't many employees left. The team is heading to New York to take on the Cosmos at 3 p.m. Sunday, but most of the front office staff members are looking for new jobs.

Rayo OKC is owned by Raul Martin Presa and Rayo Vallecano de Madrid, a professional soccer club in Spain. Presa sent Alberto Gallego to Oklahoma City last Wednesday to right the ship. According to Gallego, Rayo OKC has lost too much money in its inaugural season, and a change was needed.

Some employees were asked to take a 25 percent to 40 percent pay cut. Only two of 10 employees remain with the organization.

Well, I guess that explains why Rayo recently sent Spencer an email asking if he was available to manage their game operations. They heard he's great at smelling merchandise:

energy 3

In addition to all the drama mentioned in the NewsOK report, Brad Lund – the former OKC Blazers wunderkind who helped bring Rayo to OKC – has parted ways with the franchise. According to The Oklahoman, he cited "irreconcilable differences with the people from Spain." He also noted that "the ladies are insane there and they sure know how to use it. They don't abuse it. Never gonna lose it. I can't refuse it." I'm honestly not sure what all that means.

Anyway, I've spoken with several Mole's who have worked with and for Rayo and let's just say the franchise's days in Yukon look numbered. I asked one what the odds were that Rayo would be in OKC next season. His answer was "Blutarsky."

I asked another to share some thoughts about the state of the franchise. He responded with one of those manifestos that friends only email to you when they really hate their job or significant other. According to him, "The guys from Spain have been tightwads since day one" and "They wanted to spend all their money on players and none on promotion." He also noted that the NASL is currently in town to try and right the Rayo ship and get it into harbor so they can sell it for scrap metal:

The league is in here this week. They have taken a huge PR hit nationally from people who thought it was crazy to put a team backed by a lower lever Spanish team in the league to begin with. They will make sure that the team doesn't fold and makes it through the season. They will be sending people in to make sure the game day setup works. And on the field, the team has a chance to make the playoffs.

What happens after that is anybody's guess.

Yeah, my guess is that in 20 years you'll see a Rayo OKC jersey in a vintage clothing store and say something like "Ha! Remember this team? I think they played one year in Yukon. I'm going to wear it to the next Energy game!"

On that note, there is still a well-operated, locally-owned soccer team that plays its games in the Oklahoma City Metro. They're called the Oklahoma City Energy. Yes, they advertise with us, which means we'll plug them at any chance and never report all the fines they've received from the Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Commission for advertising violations, but if you haven't been to a game yet you should really do it. The matches are fun, affordable, and unless you live in Yukon or Mustang, don't involved dodging semi's at I-40 and Morgan road to get to the stadium. Check them out this Saturday against the LA Galaxy II.

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