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Good news! OKC-FOP Wants Cops To Carry More Guns And Better Body Armor!

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Back in my rebellious days, I always made sure to donate $20 to the Fraternal Order Police so I could get one of those stickers to put on my back windshield and help get me out of tickets. Because of that, I guess you can say I'm a FOP supporter, and as a result, fully endorse the Oklahoma City chapter's recent plea to give our hardworking men and women in law enforcement more guns and body armour.

Via News 9:

The Oklahoma City Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) is asking OKCPD and the city to allow officers to carry personally owned rifles while on duty.

The OKC-FOP sent the letter the Police Chief Bill Citty, stating “there seems to be a higher probability that our officers will face an active shooter situation.”

According to the letter, the FOP polled their members and received a majority response that officers are willing to purchase their own rifles and ammunition if needed. They also ask for more ballistic shielding, including helmets and higher level plating, to be bought and distributed throughout the patrol.

Details on cost estimates and a plan to pay for the implements were not available.

The letter closed with, “We are experiencing violent and volatile times around the country. Let’s not allow our officers and citizens to be vulnerable when steps can be taken to help protect and prevent more tragedies.”

Fear Feaaar FeAAAAAAAAAAAAR. We live in violent and volatile times! Only the police can protect you now! Bow before us! Maniacal laugh!!! Maniacal laugh!!!

Hehe, I'm just joking around. I think this is great idea! The current debate regarding law enforcement in America is a complicated one, but I know whenever I think of ways the police can better protect and serve communities, the first thing that pops into my mind is to give them more guns and better body armour. Hell, maybe we should go all out and give each cop their own personal bomb delivering robot, too. And although the further militarization of police would probably motivate the active shooters, wackos and crazies to go out and get better guns and their own body armour, it doesn't matter. I think it was the great Mahatma Gandhi who once said  "Everyone wins in an arms race."

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