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Some asshole coward had dinner at the Enid IHOP on Monday…

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Earlier this week, KFOR told us about Taylor Stewart. She's a waitress at the IHOP in Enid who recently had an unpleasant experience with an asshole customer.


A waitress says instead of a tip, she got hateful words.

Taylor Stewart says words written on a receipt had everything to do with who she loves rather than her service.

For seven months now, Stewart has been waiting tables at the IHOP in Enid...It was toward the end of a double shift when she waited on a man and three kids.“I messed up one of the things on the order. So, I mean I fixed that. No problem, and he was just kind of being rude to me the whole time,” Stewart recalled. “I told him I was sorry about the service.”

After eating, Stewart says they stormed out the door.

“I was like, 'Have a good night sir, you know, come back and see us,'  and he didn't say anything,” Stewart said.

When she went to clean the table, Stewart says she found not only a big mess, but a $36 ticket with a message instead of a tip.

“When I went to pick up the check, I read it and I thought it said `gray is wrong`, and I went and showed my girlfriend, and she was like, 'what?' And she said it said `gay is wrong',” Stewart said. “I was just shocked. I was more shocked than hurt, but I mean it did hurt.”

That pisses me off. I waited tables during my late teens and early 20s and totally know what it's like to be stiffed on a tip (and be scammed out of $20). Kind of like being rejected by Emily Sutton at a bar, it's an awful, angry, disappointing feeling. Even if your food is cold, service is awful, and you happen to be a homophobic bigot, you should always leave at least a couple of dollars at the table like you're at a Chinese buffet.

Here's a screenshot of the receipt:

enid ihop gay is wrong

Uhm, what was this guy doing at IHOP? I thought all the homophobic bigots in Enid hang out a Gary’s Chicaros. Maybe he was from out-of-town, or really wanted some gross pancakes?

Anyway, I want to give Taylor some props on this, because I totally would have added a $10 tip to the ticket. Seriously, outside of getting caught, losing your job, and having to move over to Applebee's, what's the worst thing that could happen? Do you really think the asshole coward who ran out the restaurant after leaving a nasty note for the tip would come back to the same restaurant and then complain about it? I doubt it. Even if he did, it would be a good thing because then we'd all know his name and face and be able to properly shame him on the Internet. It's a lesson learned, I guess.

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