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La Nude in Valley Brook is now hiring!


Before we begin, I'd like to welcome myself back from a four-day weekend trip to Denver. I should have my Berry Tramel-esque travel blog about the experience online later today or tomorrow. It depends on when the gummies I popped  on the plane at the airport last night begin to lose their effect.

It looks like nothing changed while I was gone. There was bad weather, our state is still dealing with a budget crisis, and The Oklahoman continued its award-winning coverage of the local strip club beat.


The owner of La Nude, an all-nude strip club, said she fired her entire staff after a "rogue incident" landed her and others in jail due to allegations of illegally selling alcohol and prostitution.

"I fired everyone from that night. I'm starting from scratch," Colleen Hutto said. "Everyone that was affiliated with that mess has been terminated."

Hutto, 73, pleaded no contest Wednesday in Valley Brook to seven municipal counts related to serving intoxicating beverages illegally. She was sentenced to six months of probation and ordered to pay $4,123 in fines and other costs.

Attention all recently-laid-off-energy company employees, furloughed government workers, and out-of-work college graduates who can't find a decent job, have we got some great news for you! Lock down those social media accounts and polish those resumes because La Nude in Valley Brook is now hiring all positions! The ideal candidate should have reliable transportation, low self-esteem and be able to fail several drug tests. Apply today!

Here are some more details:

Other municipal counts that alleged Hutto, of Valley Brook, was maintaining a place for soliciting prostitution and a place where marijuana is kept were dismissed.

The Valley Brook night club is classified as a nonalcoholic juice bar but an undercover investigation found it was selling drinks containing alcohol-soaked fruit and alcohol-infused gummy bears, police reported.

After two months of undercover visits, Valley Brook police officers searched the club late March 4. Police arrested Hutto, the acting manager, a bartender and a dancer.

"They did arrest me and I know why. I'm the owner," Hutto said while sitting in a green truck parked outside the municipal building. The small, single-story structure sits just off SE 59.

Hutto lit a cigarette and continued, saying, "This incident makes us look bad."

She complained that this incident overshadows the club's charitable endeavors in the town. She said the club performs toy drives, sponsors town parades and its employees help with disaster relief after storms.

Yes, ignore the prostitution and vodka gummies this place serves behind it's closed, crusty, disease-ridden doors. We should focus on the positive things La Nude does for the community like toy drives. Uhm, do they disinfect these toys before giving them to kids? Also, what types of toys, games and trinkets do employees and customers of La Nude donate to the toy drive.

"Hi Timmy. What did you get for Christmas?"

"Lot's of stuff! I got an Indiana Jones whip, this vibrating light saber, gummy bears, and a DVD called Pirates! It's been the best Christmas ever!"

Anyway, I guess you can read the entire story here. Surprisingly, the story was covered by Kyle Schwab and not Nolan Clay. Kyle's the guy who broke the story about Aaron Tuttle suing us, but for some reason never followed up with a story about a judge dismissing Aaron's lawsuit. I guess I don't blame him. I'd rather write about strip clubs, too.

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