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Ogle Madness IX Final Four: Joleen Chaney vs Lacey Swope

After 60 matchups, thousand of votes, and a few thrilling finishes, The Ogle Madness IX Final Four begins today with two beautiful stalwarts from the Griffin Communications Conference:

(2) Joleen Chaney vs. (3) Lacey Swope

It's been quite a run by each of these vixens. They've knocked off weathermen, football players, A-list movie stars and even a random median, but only one can advance to Monday's Ogle Madness IX Championship Game. Go Vote!

joleen news 9

(2) Joleen Chaney

Round One: Defeated Lawton

Round Two: Defeated Shelby Hays

Sweet Sixteen: Defeated Baker Mayfield

Elite Eight: Defeated Gary England

Who She Is: News 9 reporter/Watermelon Queen

Biggest Strength: Can fit inside a watermelon

Biggest Weakness: Attracts wild Gallaghers

lacey swope big

(3) Lacey Swope

Round One: Defeated Random Median On Western

Round Two: Defeated Edna’s Lunch Boxes

Sweet Sixteen: Defeated Olivia Munn

Elite Eight: Defeated Emily Sutton

Who She Is: Emily Sutton’s arch nemesis

Biggest Strength: Deadly with a bow

Biggest Weakness: Gets flustered when she feels a big one

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