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David Stanley launches new series of probably deceptive Christmas ads…

Back in 2014, we let everyone know that David Stanley Dodge was hit with a record $350,000 fine by the Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Commission for misleading and deceptive advertising practices. We were literally the only media outlet in the state to report the news, because unlike our rich friends in the TV, print and radio media, we don't count on David Stanley to hit advertising quotas, and therefore didn't have to worry about them pulling their ads.

As part of the fine, David Stanley apparently agreed to stop deceptive advertising practices. They were also required to have all advertisements reviewed by either a lawyer or local televangelist. I honestly can't remember which one. As a result, we now get ads like this one for Riverside Chevrolet in Tulsa.

Yeah, that's not deceptive or misleading at all! You just have the owner of a car dealership that, mind you, was hit with a $350,000 fine for essentially lying to consumers in an effort to pad his pockets, reminding everyone to put the "Christ" in Christmas this Holiday season. Hallefuckinglujah!

Speaking of the "Reason for the Season," check out the dealership's other holiday-themed commercials. They are not in any way deceptive or misleading:

Wow. 80% of(f) MSRP on a new Silverado!!! What a deal! Even on his meager carpenter salary, I bet Jesus would take them up on that offer. Well, if his credit score is high enough. Regardless, it's not a problem. David Stanley has plenty of other cars on their lot. I bet a salesman could find Christ a pre-owned truck with an affordable monthly payment, just as long as the Savior and Son of God is comfortable with an 84-month loan at 22% interest.

Here's another spot where David Stanley talks about "December Deals," including 80% off the price of a new Camaro:

Screw the tacky sweater! Be the king of your office Christmas party by rolling up in a new Camaro! Granted, 80% of(f) the MSRP of a new car seems a little too good to be true, but don't worry, this doesn't smell like a classic bait and switch gimmick at all. It's a legitimate offer. Would a car dealership that puts the Christ in Christmas really try to mislead or deceive you? No way. I bet you can get any Camaro on the lot at 80% of(f)!!! What a deal!

Anyway, for all the too-good-to-be-true holiday deals David Stanley is throwing your way, be sure to check out their website. Or better yet, just watch TV, listen to the radio, or read a newspaper. David Stanley spends so much in advertising with the local media that you can't miss the amazing, totally legitimate deals they offer.

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