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The KFOR Social Media Bandit is learning about Facebook polls…

It looks like the KFOR Social Media Bandit is back to its old tricks!

Following yesterday's tragic mass shooting in San Bernardino, the OG of Social Media Bandits hopped on Facebook and asked the question we've all been thinking – How do we as a country stop these senseless acts of gun violence?

Actually, the Bandit didn't ask that question. Although it loves to see total strangers argue, over-simplify and debate divisive wedge issues on its Facebook page, even the KFOR Social Media Bandit isn't dumb enough to open that bag of Michael Jackson's popcorn. Instead, the Bandito went the easy route and asked what you would do in the unlikely event that you're part of an active shooter situation.

Check it out:

KFOR poll

Yeah, you may notice that "Fuck Her Right In The Pussy" – a popular Internet Meme from 2014 – was one of the possible answers. That's because the KFOR Social Media Bandit allowed Facebook users to create their own poll response. In the online media world, that's the equivalent of dropping a fly ball or running out of dollar bills at a strip club. It's a gaffe that should never happen.

Although "Fuck Her Right In The Pussy" would be an interesting way to handle an active shooter situation, KFOR was alerted to the gaffe and apologized before you could say "Zombie Jesus Day:"

kfor apology

That's nice! I'm sure KFOR's sensitivity police appreciate the apology, but has the situation really been corrected? At last check, there's still a KFOR Social Media Bandit surfing the Today Show's website looking for clickbait to post and polls to create. As long as that's the case, I think it's safe to say the situation is ongoing. You never know where or when the KFOR Social Media Bandit will strike.

Anyway, I created a poll to see how the Bandit should be punished for allowing Facebook trolls to add their own response. Check it out:

See what I did there? You probably thought I was going to include "Fuck Her Right In The Pussy" as response. I considered it, but sadly, I have more class and respect than KFOR's Facebook followers. It's a strange, scary world we live in.

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