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12-year-old kid’s parents want him to take a selfie with Donald Trump

1:48 PM EDT on September 24, 2015

donald trump selfie sign

Someone call DHS.

Yesterday, two local TV stations – Channel 4 and Channel 9 – reported there's a 12-year-old kid who wants to take a selfie with Donald Trump. Repeat, there's a 12-year-old kid who wants to take a selfie with Donald Trump.

Well, at least that's what the always reliable local media wants us to believe. I think a more accurate way to describe it is a 12-year-old kid's parents want him to take a selfie with Donald Trump.

Via News 9:

A young Donald Trump fan in the metro hopes a Facebook post will pave the way for a picture with the candidate at the state fair.

The post is getting a lot of attention.

12-year-old Quaid Morgan said Friday is his chance to get a selfie with Trump...

“I just automatically thought, wouldn’t that be funny if I got a picture with him?” Morgan said. “And so I just thought maybe I could try and take a selfie with him at the fair. Didn’t really think it would happen.”

Wednesday morning, his mother posted a pic of Quaid Morgan holding a poster asking for help to get that selfie with the presidential hopeful.

“I think it’s crazy that it just kind of blew up over a few hours, I didn’t know the power of social media would do that, so, it’s a little crazy,” Morgan said....

First of all, can we get the local media to sign a contract that clearly outlines what's considered a viral news story? Despite what they reported, the photo hasn't gone viral. After being covered by two news channels, it only has 13 likes and 60 shares. You're niece's engagement photos get more activity than that.

If you need proof, here's the actual post:

Anybody that knows this kid knows what a strong will he has. He forms his OWN opinions and while not always politically...

Posted by SD Morgan on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

You know what, congrats to all the people who showed the discipline and fortitude not to like this thing. Why would you want to encourage a parent to promote their kid as a Trump supporter?

The mom's enthusiasm for this story, which probably including getting tv channels to cover it, really makes me question the motives. If this were part of a Home School Science Fair project, I would be very wary of parental involvement.

First of all, what 12-year-old kid wants to meet Donald Trump? Since when do they care about politics? They want to take selfies with Kevin Durant, Street Outlaws and Rob Dyrdek.

Second, there's no way a kid made that sign. It's obviously the work of someone with at least three to five years of scrapbooking experience.

Third, and most importantly, what parents would let their kid openly support Donald Trump??? That's disturbing. I'd rather have my kid tell me there's a lady who died in a biking accident standing next to the car window than confess he's a Donald Trump supporter. Seriously, how does a parent let that even happen?

"I want to get a selfie with Donald Trump!"

"Awesome! The man is a cruel, disparaging asshole. His only notable skill is bullying and belittling people! I guess you can say he's like The Lost Ogle, only he's rich, popular and really hates Mexicans. Way to go, son! Get that selfie."

After doing some research, I think I figured out why the parents wanted all the attention. Check out this screenshot of the dad interview from the News 9:

Quaid Morgan pizza hut trump

Yep, apparently this whole thing was a publicity stunt for local Pizza Hut franchises. If you're going to parade your kid around as a Trump fan and damage his reputation, at least make sure it's good for business. Trump would approve of that.

Thanks for reading!

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