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Even Bullet doesn’t want to go to OSU football games…

12:38 PM EDT on September 15, 2015

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This past weekend, when Bob Stoops and company were conjuring up the latest batch of Sooner Magic in front of 100,000+ people inside Neyland Stadium, the Oklahoma State Cowboys were preparing to play the mighty Central Arkansas Cousin Kissers inside The Pick.

If spending a Saturday evening watching two lower division schools play a football game sounds pretty awful, Bullet agrees. He's the horse who gallops across the football field ridden by something called a Spirit Rider while the OSU marching band plays "Achy Breaky Heart" or whatever Boone Pickens wants to hear.

Usually, Bullet happily runs onto the field, thinking that maybe, just maybe, someone left a gate open and he can escape. But not this Saturday. This time, he protested the sad life he was given. Check out this video:

That's kind of funny. Cruel, yes, but funny. I was kind of hoping one of the baritone sax players would hop on Bullet and give him what he wants (freedom), but it's good the Cowboys had an actual cowboy on hand to defuse the situation.

Anyway, if you're an OSU fan, this post and my stupid jokes probably piss you off, but you have to remember, I'm a die-hard OU fan and like taking tongue in cheek jabs at OSU. I've been that way my whole life. It's how I was raised. When I was a kid, I dreamed of the day when coach Barry Switzer would knock on my front door, hand me a machine gun and wad of cash, and then offer me a scholarship to play for the crimson and cream. When my grandfather told me I likely wouldn't have the speed, strength or toughness to play for OU, but could still play for OSU, I cried. It was an emotional day.

I'm telling Angry OSU Fan this so you'll know that I've seen a similar situation unfold, and trust me, it can be worse. Way worse:

Of course, it can also be even worse than that:

Thanks for reading!

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