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Pilgrims are visiting the 10 Commandments Monument before it’s gone…

11:32 AM EDT on September 14, 2015

10 commandments monument

It's official.

After several last-ditch efforts by Attorney General Scott Pruitt to win support from the white, evangelical Christian voters and milk this controversy for all it's worth, a district judge ruled on Friday that the 10 Commandments Monument at the Capitol must be removed within 30-days.

As a result, pilgrims from all across the metro are now flocking to the State Capitol to view the monument one last time (or, for the very first time), before it's destroyed, put in a chest, and unearthed by a dashing adventurer who's smart enough to close his eyes when the chest is opened by Nazis.

KFOR has the details:

As soon as Landon and Felicia Eslin heard the news, they herded their three daughters into the car and drove from Yukon to the State Capitol, rushing to see the 10 Commandments monument before it is taken down.

"I just don't understand why somebody would be against something so happy and so peaceful," Landon said. "They're not just words of God, they're words to live by. Who wants to kill? Who wants to steal? Who wants to cheat?"

You know who else had good, peaceful words to live by? Stuart Smalley. You don't see us building any monuments that honor his words do you?

A judge Friday ruled the controversial monument had to be removed from Capitol grounds within 30 days.

The Eslins had never seen the monument in person before.  And, not knowing when exactly the state's historical commission would take it away, they brought their three daughters to the east side of the capitol, trying to teach them a lesson.

"We're just trying to remind them that just because everyone's making a big deal about this being taken down, it's okay to still believe," Felicia said. "And, it's okay to stand up for what you believe in."

Hi Felicia! I agree with you on this. It's totally okay to "still believe." That's one thing that makes this country so great. You can believe whatever you want, and unless you live in Oklahoma or some other southern state, you don't have to worry about the government or majority forcing different views or religions upon you!

I also strongly agree that it's "okay to stand up for what you believe in." That's why I'd encourage Felicia to go to Hobby Lobby and buy a six-foot tall 10 Commandments Monument replica to display on her front porch and proudly show her Christian beliefs and heritage. It will look nice in front of all her cross wall ornaments.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see if Mary Fallin, Scott Pruitt, our Legislature, or any other elected official has something up their sleeve to prevent this religious monument from being removed from our Capitol's steps. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Mary Fallin disobeys court orders, abolishes the judicial branch and calls up the National Guard to protect the monument. I will never be surprised by what steps our local theocrats take to pander to voters.

Thanks for reading!

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