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Here’s an old News 9 version of Reefer Madness…

10:25 AM EDT on September 4, 2015

mark woodward obn

Earlier this week, we told you how The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics is now using the scripture and social media in it's draconian crusade against personal freedoms and marijuana legalization.

In typical fashion, KFOR picked up our story and filed their own report without giving us any credit. Hot Girl Friday nominee Abby Broyles has the details:

A state employee posted a Biblical “smack down” of sorts on the official Facebook page of a state agency.

The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics quoted the Bible multiple times in a spat with supporters of legalizing marijuana...

Spokesman Mark Woodward says OBN gets “attacked” on social media all the time. He says people are wrong to use the Bible to justify using marijuana.

Woodward says he wanted to provide accurate information, so his team did the research and fired back... with scripture.

Others questioned Woodward's responses, posting, “OBN, do you think you should be doing Bible interpretation on a government site?”

“If somebody posted something about the Koran or some other religion and they came to our site and posted something, we will reply to it,” Woodward said.

Okay guys, it's the Friday before a three-day holiday weekend. I know half the people in your office, including your boss, are off today and you're probably bored looking for something to do besides actual work. If so, can you please stop by the OBN Facebook and leave some comments about how certain passages in the Koran justify the use of marijuana? Your post doesn't have to be true or make any sense. In fact, the more absurd they are the better. I just want to see if Mark Woodward, an employee of the state of Oklahoma, replies with his own Koran lesson.

If that seems like too much work, I'd invite you to watch this old News 9 clip I found on the Internet. Based on the graphics, Jennifer Reynolds's haircut, and Kelly Ogle's handsome man face, it has to be about 15 years old or so. It's about the dangers of new "potent" forms of marijuana that are grown in "water instead of soil" and "how parents need to be warned." It features a much younger Mark Woodward doing what he does best – using the media as a tool to promote myths, fears and misinformation about a recreational drug that is less harmful than alcohol, yet for some reason, still illegal.


That's great. As Matthew McConaughey would say in Dazed in Confused, "I get older, but misleading propaganda about marijuana in the local news media stays the same age!" I hope all those teens in 2001 who got addicted to those stronger, more potent strains of marijuana that are now regulated and legal in nearly half the states in our country are doing okay. When they return to work after the Labor Day holiday, you should ask them about it.

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