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David Boren got the Pride of Oklahoma a nice apology gift…

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David Boren must feel pretty damn guilty about that Justin Stolarik debacle.

Yesterday, the University of Oklahoma unveiled new uniforms (pictured above) for the Pride of Oklahoma marching band. They're shinier, whiter, and unfortunately, still look like marching band uniforms.

Seriously, what's up with that? Society has advanced in so many areas over the years, but for some reason, we still dress up our marching bands like 19th century European militias. Can't they just wear normal clothes like everybody else? It's like the powers-that-be want to guarantee the band nerds remain virgins. If you think band uniforms are weird to look at, just imagine having to march around on a field wearing one. Trust me on this, it's cruel and demeaning.

But I digress. For band uniforms, these look nice. And the Pride totally deserves new gear for all the shit David Boren put them through. They've had to deal with an in-over-his-head band director, striking tuba players and even Trevor Knight. Well, we've all had to deal with Trevor Knight.

Anyway, OU didn't stop with new uniforms. They also issued a series of Pride of Oklahoma paper dolls. And no, I'm not making that up. Check them out:


Well, I know what I'll be doing this evening! Also, I wonder if they're also going to launch a line of football paper dolls to give the band dolls wedgies?

Actually, I'm just joking around. As a former band nerd who escaped captivity, this is cool. When I was in the high school band, people tossed paper at us and accused us of playing with dolls. Now band members get to be the dolls. Although the uniforms have remained the same, I guess some areas of marching band have evolved.

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