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This lady tried to rob some teenagers in a QuikTrip bathroom…

christine woods

Maybe it's time for a ranking of the 10 Worst QuikTrips in the Tulsa area.

Over the weekend, the "Face of Meth" poster child pictured above – Christine Cook – pulled a knife on a couple of teenagers in a QuikTrip bathroom in a daring attempt to steal a pair sandals.

Like most idiotic, under-the-influence of meth or bath salt criminals, she was unsuccessful.

Via The Tulsa World:

A woman who reportedly robbed a teenage girl inside a convenience store bathroom while armed with a knife was arrested Sunday morning, according to police.

Officers responded to a call about a woman who refused to come out of a bathroom at a QuikTrip in the 4900 block of South Harvard Avenue about 9:40 a.m.

The woman, Christine Cook, had been inside the bathroom when two 15-year-old girls entered. Carrying a large kitchen knife, Cook allegedly locked the bathroom door and robbed one of the girls of her sandals, police said.

Wow. Can you imagine having your shoes stolen in a gas station bathroom? That's disgusting. The crime victim is lucky this happened inside a nice QuikTrip bathroom and not at a Love's, otherwise she'd be in the hospital being treated for meningitis and a host of other diseases.

The girls managed to escape, and Cook, 40, attempted to flush the knife down a toilet, according to police.

Police managed to take Cook into custody without incident, but she later attempted — unsuccessfully — to escape her handcuffs. She told police she had intended to assault an officer with his flashlight and steal his police car.

Okay, you just attempted to flush a knife down the drain and unsuccessfully robbed teenage girls, but you really thought you were going to beat up a cop and steal his car? Say what you want about drugs, but at least they give you confidence.

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