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Christina Fallin is single… again

10:43 AM EDT on June 1, 2015

hipster boo boo vacation

I guess Hipster Boo Boo is looking for a new band to join.

We have learned via the Ogle Mole Network that Christina Fallin and her boyfriend, bandmate and beautiful things lover Steven Battles have apparently split. According to sources, they're at the stage in the breakup we're they're fighting over who gets to keep mutual friends, unfinished song lyrics and their favorite Native American headdresses.

We've also heard that Battles is no longer the director of Hipster Boo Boo's modern art gallery, The SIG, or as we loving call it, PRE10CHUN. If this is true, it would make this week's timely article in The Gazette about Battles and the gallery all the more glorious:

Sloan Installation Gallery (SIG) director Steven Battles admits his goals for SIG are ambitious. Open less than six months, SIG features artists that span the globe from Tokyo and Berlin to Oklahoma.

Battles is building a team of people to help him complete SIG’s transition into “an art production house, a promotion machine and a members-only culture club.” Partners include former Oklahoma Fashion Week fashion director Frank Christon, #ishyaboi artist Jack-Henry Dean and former IVC Gallery owner Ian Fuller, among others.

“What we are dreaming up together is something akin to Warhol’s The Factory,” Battles said. “In my back office, I am setting up a recording studio where we will be developing young music artists, and when their projects are complete, we will promote them through more cerebral and artistic events throughout the month.”

Before joining SIG, Battles built a name for himself in music projects like Chrome Pony and Pink Pony, the latter a collaboration between himself and local artist and musician (and governor’s daughter) Christina Fallin...

Wow. Way to stay on top of things, Gazette. Maybe next week they'll have healthy marriage tips from Wayne Coyne and a food review on Applewoods. Who doesn't love those apple fritters?

Seriously, wouldn't it suck the be Steven Battles right now? As if losing your job, girlfriend and keyboard player wasn't bad enough, now the local alternative weekly is publishing articles that remind you of how good you had it. Oh well, at least Christina removed all the YouTube videos that serve as a constant reminder of the happy fun times:

Okay, so technically Christina hasn't removed the videos yet. I guess that means there's a chance the couple will reconcile and get back together. I really hope they do. I don't have the time, interest or resolve to get to know another new Christina Fallin boyfriend, and consequently another new Christina Fallin band. Hell, I still miss Milk on Milk. I loved their guts like a vulture:

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