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KFOR’s Ashley Kringen enjoys the gym, tanning and probably laundry…

Last Friday, KFOR's Ashley Kringen sent out the following tweet. It's a pic of her along with notorious local bodybuilder trainer / Muscle Milk shareholder Scott Do...


We've been fans of KFOR's Ashley Kringen since the former beauty queen burst on the OKC Media scene in 2012ish. She's made our most recent rankings of the 20 Hottest, been featured on Hot Girl Friday and was the focus of a post where we helped her pick out future adventures, but this kind of worries me. I know it's cool to be healthy and in shape, but bodybuilding is creepy and unnatural. If God wanted us all to look like Greek gods and professional wrestlers, would he really have made carbs, sugar and saturated fat? Probably not.

Plus, her trainer is Scott Do. I'm ashamed to admit this, but I actually worked out at Scott's gym on N. May a few years ago. I was the resident Chubby Funster who made everyone else in the gym feel better about themselves. Hopefully this doesn't get me broken in half like a protein bar, but Scott was about as nice and personable as an elliptical machine. You'd say "Good Morning" and he'd look at you like you were an empty container of cottage cheese. He's known for being borderline insane when it comes to diet, and he makes his clients exercise and eat like they're Biggest Loser contestants. I eventually had to leave his place in 2013 as punishment for hanging pizza slices in front of my treadmill as motivation.

With that being said, let's take a look at some photo's from the event and see how Ashley did...

Well, I guess we know what happens when someone orders the Williams-Sonoma Copper Cookware Spray Tan package from At-The-Beach. Seriously, that's some scary stuff. I know people want to look happy and in shape, but when did rubbing carrot butter all over your body become a good thing?

Also, what does Aaron Tuttle think about all this? Is he jealous, inspired or critical? Maybe he'll write a member's only review on his website. That way it will remain a mystery.

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