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Seattle is waving the white flag…


It's about time the people in Seattle start to recognize who's boss.

Earlier this week, Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat (formerly know as Denny Eastswell) filed this column as part of an apparent audition to be the new Communications Director for the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce.

Via The Seattle Times:

I’m getting a complex about Oklahoma City. They keep stealing our stuff.

First it was the Sonics. Although seven years have passed, and whatever they renamed that team still hasn’t won an NBA title. So we’re over that. Right?

Then it was our elephants. Personally, I was over that immediately.

But now it’s our Boeing engineers. About 900 Boeing defense workers, mostly engineers, are being spirited away — at least their jobs are — to “The Big Friendly,” which is what some boosters want everyone to call Oklahoma City these days.

The Big Poacher is more like it. Why can’t they take something we’re all sick of? Like the anarchists.

Seriously, what’s really sticking in my craw about Oklahoma City is: They seem savvier than we are.

Danny, we appreciate the flattery and everything. If you want to move here, that's fine. We'll send the elephants back and pick you up, but please don't overdo it. They'll catch on to you. Oklahoma City is many things, but we're about as savvy as Seattle is sunny.

That being said, it is good to know that Oklahoma City is now stealing good jobs from Seattle. I guess we can cross that item (and rain) off our list. What should we go after next? Crabs? Eddie Vedder? Mean Dueweke (kidding)? I say we don't steal anything, and instead cash in our Risk set and invade the great Pacific Northwest. Go big or go home. We'll be greeted as liberators.

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