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We told you the people at the 7-Eleven on 23rd and Penn were crazy…

711 23 and penn

Give us some credit. We know our metro 7-Eleven stores.

Yesterday, we told you about the "social experiment" being conducted by Katy Hirsch, the hijab-wearing OCU student. She claims she was grabbed by a stranger at the 7-Eleven on 23rd and Penn for wearing a hijab. We questioned Katy's eagerness to hop on the Jump To Conclusions Square, and suggested she was grabbed by a stranger at the 7-Eleven on 23rd and Penn simply because she was at the 7-Eleven on 23rd and Penn...

It sucks that some crazy nut went after her, but why does she automatically assume it’s related to her hijab? That seems like a rush to judgement. Hello! She was hanging out at the 7-Eleven on NW 23rd and Penn. Anything can happen there. It’s the most popular hangout in town for people who like to sniff paint and talk to themselves. Every time you walk inside that store you should have some mace and a bottle of disinfectant handy.

Well, I guess the crazies at that 7-Eleven are big fans of The Lost Ogle and want to make us look smart. After our post was published, this story about local winner John Fee popped up on KOKH. Apparently, the guy decided to rub one out in the parking lot...

Police have arrested a man they say touching himself behind an Oklahoma City convenience store.

Oklahoma City Police Department officers arrested 53-year-old John Fee Monday.

Oklahoma City Police Department reports show at approximately 11 a.m. officers were called to the 7-Eleven at NW 23 and Pennsylvania Avenue in reference to a man touching himself behind the store.

He was doing this at 11am? I thought it was common courtesy to wait until sundown before masturbating behind a gas station.

So, how'd they catch the guy:

A security guard at the store told police a customer saw the man behind the store masturbating. The security guard also reported seeing the man touching himself behind the store.

When the officer approached Fee, he could smell an odor of alcoholic beverage and observed the man's genitals hanging out of his pants.

Yep, this guy greeted police officers the same way Dean Blevins greeted co-eds during his playing days at OU. Dean's now a local broadcasting legend and John's in jail. It's funny how the world works.

Anyway, back to the 7-Eleven thing. I think we may have to rank the 10 worst 7-Eleven stores in the Oklahoma City metro. Any suggestions? This one is pretty bad, but it has some competition. Ever been to a 7-Eleven between I-40 and I-240? Also, what's up with that weird hidden location on 59th and May. It doesn't even have gas, or the substance 7-Eleven calls gas. Whatever that stuff is.

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