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94.7 The Brew needs to “Man Up”

1:18 PM EDT on April 30, 2015

94.7 The Brew, a station that plays a generic, radio-friendly blend of rock from all eras recently chugged a Dr. Pepper 10, sprayed on the AXE and unveiled a new dude-errific marketing slogan.

947 the brew

Yep, they really consulted the Book of Bad Clichés to find a marketing slogan. Next time, they should "man up" and pick something original. I'd suggest they buy the licensing rights to Fogzie and rename the station The Fog. It would work great. I can already hear Fogzie in the promo spots saying "Ayyye! Don't pour good music down the drain! Listen to 94.7 The Fog! Fogzie's favorite music!"

Seriously, they should go with that. It will be a hit.

The new marketing slogan represents a transition of sorts for The Brew, as it goes from being a radio station that played bad music for everyone to a radio station that plays bad music for men who watch Spike TV and have Chive stickers on their cars.

This apparently upset those in the politically correct crowd who are too cheap for satellite radio, Spotify, and Pandora. They went to the station's Facebook page to complain, and were immediately smacked down by the bro who runs the station's social media stuff.

Here's a screenshot of my favorite conversation:

brew fb

Yep, on April 28th at 9:17pm, the 15-year-old boy who runs the Brew's social media account replied to a critical comment with "Sorry you don't like good music." Uhm, apparently the kid is not aware that The Brew lists its "Top Songs of the Week" on its website.

Here they are:

947 brew playlist

Wow. Three Doors Down? Nickelback? Shinedown? On behalf of all men that actually like music, I'd like to request that The Brew change its slogan immediately or risk a lawsuit from one of Aaron Tuttle's copyright attorneys who specialize in copyright law. Man Up? Something tells me "Meth Up" would be a little more fitting.

Here's the rest of the Facebook exchange:

947 brew

I know the Brew social media guy comes across as an asshole, but as a nice handsome man who runs a crass, sarcastic and occasionally misogynistic website, I can't stand the politically correct crowd. Lighten up! If you don't like a radio station going all in on the Street Outlaws market, don't listen to it. Quit whining and go listen to Serial again and pick flowers or whatever.

That being said, it's probably time for The Brew to "man up" and put someone else in charge of their social media. Perhaps someone who has tact, above average intelligence and bit of self-awareness? Or better yet, perhaps they should just play good music. Then you don't need a marketing gimmick.

Thanks for reading!

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