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Whatever Happened to Sweet Brown?

Today marks the three-year anniversary of Sweet Brown's overnight rise to Internet stardom. With her irresistible outlook on cold pops, fires and bronchitis, Oklahoma City’s mama of meme took the internet by storm with her catchphrase “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” and charming demeanor, becoming the poster-person for the next-door neighbor that we all wished we had.

And while so many other meme-superstars just peter-out, Sweet Brown managed to parlay hers into an authentic form of celebrity, from national commercials and TV guest spots to just getting mobbed by fans when walking around town. It was a true story of a local done good and—even better—one that never wore out their welcome.

Beyonce quoted her at the Superbowl, she made a cameo in Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas and told it like it is to the lovely ladies of The View. In 2013, she was announced to become the co-host of the Dallas-based syndicated show Cheaters, alongside Clark Gable III. (Yes, the grandson of that Clark Gable.) We think it's her last public appearance.

Here's a clip:

Just how many of her episodes made it to air I’m not sure, because KSBI replaced daytime airings of that and Cops: Reloaded with Designing Women. Sorry, Dixie Carter, but you ain’t no Sweet Brown!

So, on the third anniversary of Sweet Brown becoming a household name like bronchitis, she seems to be AWOL. Her Twitter accounts (@realsweetbrown and @teamsweetbrown) haven’t seen any action since December 2014 and April 2014, respectively. Maybe she doesn't have time for... social media?

Come to think of it, the last time I even remember seeing her on an actual TV was in an 1800-2SELLHOMES commercial where Paulette looked hilariously uncomfortable bonding with a minority:

Does Paulette have you trapped in a Whatever Happened to Baby Jane type situation? I get a real crazed Bette Davis vibe off of her.

Anyway, where’s Sweet Brown? Has anyone seen her? Have you seen her? I sent out a tweet yesterday in hopes of a response, but…nothing. So, Sweet Brown, if you’re out there barbecuing or running for your life, let us know. We miss you and want to have a cold pop.

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