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Ogle Madness VIII: Sweet 16 Recap


We're onto the Elite Eight in Ogle Madness, having gone through the Round of 32 and the Sweet 16 earlier this week. The bracket has held largely to form, with all the one-seeds and two of the two-seeds still alive, but there have been some upsets, too. Who can forget the Red Dog Cafe Chef beating Blake Shelton in the first round? I heard Adam Levine is buying drinks for all the dancers at the Red Dog this week in celebration.

We'll have the Elite Eight on Monday and Tuesday of next week, with the Final Four games on Wednesday and Thursday. The Ogle Madness finals will be next Monday, April 4th.

Here's a recap of this week's games and brief preview of the Elite Eight matchups.

Midwest Region

emily sutton

(1) Emily Sutton defeated (4) Mike Gundy: 383 to 142
(2) Gary England defeated (6) Marijuana: 312 to 205

Jon Hamm has never won an Emmy and Leonardo Dicaprio, but the greatest injustice of all is that Gary England has never won Ogle Madness. This year looks to be an uphill climb too, with Ogle Madness behemoth Emily Sutton standing in his way. She's trying to make her third straight Final Four, but if anyone can knock her off her perch, it's Gary. He'll need Rip, Tootie, Loretta and the whole gang to show up for him, though.


Northeast Region


(1) Kevin Durant defeated (4) Sir John Michael: 288 to 232
(3) Olivia Munn defeated (2) Garth Brooks: 369 to 152

Things may not be going great for KD on the basketball court (or, rather, off the basketball court, I guess), but he continues to bulldoze his way through the competition in Ogle Madness. He dispatched Sir John Michael, someone many had pegged for a surprise deep run in the tournament, with relative ease, sending him back to the bus muttering "fuck life" over and over. KD will take on Olivia Munn in the Elite Eight, which should be an easy matchup for him on paper, but never underestimate the power of nerds at a keyboard.


Southeast Region

Joleen Chaney Valentines

(1) Joleen Chaney defeated (5) Marla Morgan: 326 - 150
(6) Lake Hefner Goats defeated (15) Red Dog Cafe Chef: 311 - 204

It was the end of the line for the Red Dog Cafe Chef, but his delicious, possibly STD-riddled burgers live on in our hearts forever. He was toppled by the Lake Hefner Goats, who've had a great run, but does anyone seriously think they can take down a juggernaut like Joleen Chaney? It's tough not to see the two-time Ogle Madness runner-up cruising her way to another Final Four.


West Region

russell-westbrook-shirt and glasses

(1) Lacey Swope defeated (4) Steven Adams: 254 - 249
(2) Russell Westbrook defeated (11) Joe Dorman: 332 - 166

Easily the most surprising matchup of the Sweet Sixteen was Steven Adams' near-win against the defending champ. One has to wonder if he's second-guessing himself for shaving that mustache. It would have almost assuredly earned him the upset. This sets up an amazing Swope/Westbrook matchup in the Elite Eight. There may be no one more beloved in OKC at the current moment than Russell Westbrook. Will Lacey Swope's title defense end early?

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