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Mike Morgan doesn’t want to be a part of Ogle Madness…

12:51 PM EDT on March 13, 2015

mike morgan swanky

You may have missed it during Racist Oklahoma Frat Boy Week, but we unveiled the Ogle Madness VIII bracket on Tuesday. The full tournament gets started this Monday. You can check out the play-in game match-ups here.

As always, this year's bracket ignited some controversy. We've already been promised eternal damnation from Baphomet for leaving him out of the field. Jack White was also salty. Upon learning that his guacamole recipe was only a 5-seed, the rock star went to YouTube and vented "Just because you write it on a computer, it doesn't make it right."

Mike Morgan was upset, too. He sent us the following email requesting to relinquish his entry:

00003Mike Morgan email

Yep, that's real. Mike Morgan is trying to play his own little game of Ogle Madness Wife Swap and get out of this year's field. I guess he forgot the throttling that his arch nemesis, Lord England, gave Marla in last year's Sweet 16.

In addition to the email, Mike included this photo of Marla at the Belle Isle Brewery:

marla morgan 6

You know what? Maybe Mike has a point. He followed that email with another one to try to sway us:

mike morgan

Here's the deal. I have a really bad habit about not responding to emails. When you include Twitter, Facebook, Email (both personal and site-related), Text Messages, G-Chats, Comments, Phone Calls, etc., I probably deal with a few million notifications each day. Okay, not that many, but it sure does feel like it and my ADD mind can't handle it. As a Darwinian response, I've basically become a recluse and don't respond to emails. Or I'm just lazy. I don't know

Anyway, I never replied to Mike. This got him all antsy, so he sent me one final email:

00001Mike Morgan email

Anyone else have this weird visual of Mike Morgan barging into the KFOR control room with a copy of the Ogle Madness VIII Bracket in his hand and trying to hypnotize everyone with his bedazzled tie? Only me? Good.

After that email, I felt a bit guilty, so I sent Mike the following reply:


That committee, in case you care, is me, Tony, Marisa and BJ Wexler. We consulted, and although Marisa wanted to use this as leverage to get to ride one of Mike Morgan's trains, decided we shouldn't have this power. Mike's Ogle Madness fate should belong to you, a loyal TLO reader who sadly made it this far into the post, so we've created the following poll:

Vote wisely. You have until Sunday night.

Thanks for reading!

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