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Northpark Mall may be getting a “Vegas-style” nightclub…

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Last week, KFOR Channel 4 reported that Quail Creek residents are salty that Northpark Mall is getting a Vegas style club. Yes, you read that correctly. The words "Vegas-style club" and "Northpark Mall" appeared in the same sentence. They go together like "fresh seafood" and "Shogun."

We know about this thanks to a recent report by KFOR:

As plans for a Las Vegas-style club in Oklahoma City move forward, many residents are concerned about what will happen to the area once their new neighbors move next door.

“I will have definite concerns.” Quail Creek resident Mrs. Hutchings said.

A plan to put a Las Vegas-style club in North Park Mall was approved by the Oklahoma City Planning Commission on Thursday afternoon.

Question: doesn't putting a Vegas-style club in Northpark Mall already constitute some form false advertising? I'd imagine the club probably deserves to be called Vegas-style just as much a Northpark deserves to be called a mall. Will Real World castmates work there or something? Are all the customers going to be young, drunk and easy?

According to design plans, the proposed club would have a DJ booth, a dance floor and alcohol.

However, not everyone is impressed with the high-end design.

Oh, well I apologize! They're going to have a DJ booth, dance floor and alcohol. That is some very high-end, Vegas-style shit. Maybe they'll also have a coat rack, aquarium and other Vegas-style things that we can only dream of.

So, what is it about Club Vegas that has all the Quail Creek residents upset? If you ask me, it seems harmless. I think it would be fun to have a high-end club in such close proximity to a dollar movie theatre.

Quail Creek residents say they are worried the club could bring crime to the area.

“Safety for people who are walking to mall at night, safety for walking to the mall from the mall and safety of home owners who live pretty close to it here on may.” Hutchings said.

Did Ms. Hutchings sample a few Vegas Bombs from the club before KFOR showed up to interview her? Did she also ask to kiss Suzy Kolber? Of course, the interview was transcribed by the KFOR Social Media Bandit, so painting Mrs. Hutchings as a drunk is probably unfair.

Here's where things get crazy:

During Thursday’s meeting, the club applicant agreed to enforce high-end security.

They say they are planning to use Servall Biometric Identity Scanners, which takes pictures of every club patron.

That way, security personnel will be able to prevent problem customers from returning.

However, nearby residents say they are worried what those problem patrons will do once they’re kicked out of the club.

Now, the plans head to the city council.

Anyone else think the Quail Creek residents are scared of the wrong thing here? Maybe I should be writing for Red Dirt Report, but I'd be more concerned about creepy club owners using TSA level technology to photograph, identify and spy on customers than a couple of drunks wandering into your neighborhood and peeing on bushes.

Anyway, the city council will vote on whether or not to open the club in March. I think it should pass. Every part of town has a cheesy club like this, and the Quail Creek area shouldn't be different. If anything, dinner at Shogun, a movie at the dollar theatre and then dancing at a Vegas-style club sounds like a great first internet date.

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