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Small Business Expert Ryan Tate was on Fox Business

ryan tate fox business

Last week, 2012 Worst of OKC "Douchebag of the Year" winner, Ryan Tate, stopped by the Fox Business program "The Willis Report" to talk about the midterm elections, and specifically how they will affect fledgling, poorly managed businesses that are run by nepotistic douchebags who ridicule, lecture, intimidate, and pray with employees before firing them.

It was Ryan's first appearance on Fox News since he and Fake Miss Oklahoma made the rounds in "Fair and Balanced" fictional news land last August.

Here's the video:

Well, that was disappointing. I was kind of hoping Ryan would blow a fuse and pray with the other panelists and then belittle and threaten to sue them like they were Tate Publishing employees. I bet the Fox News producers were secretly hoping for the same thing. There has to be a reason they let an unqualified hack like Ryan on the air, especially when there are much cheaper hacks for hire who live and work in the Philippines.

My favorite part of the segment is how blonde Fox News lady called Ryan a "Small Business Expert?" Yeah, that's exactly what he is. "Ryan Tate" and "Small Business Expert" go together like "Tate Publishing" and "Legitimate Author." Was there already another "Nepotism Expert" on the panel or something? We need answers.

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