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Reed Timmer is engaged…

reed timmer 6

Congratulations to Reed Timmer. He's as happy as a maxi-wedge grinder. He has a little more hook to his echo.

After likely being repeatedly rejected by Emily Sutton (and probably Bree Steffen on Tinder), Mike Morgan's bionic stormchaser is now engaged to Fox News Weatherbabe Maria Molina. We first told you the couple was dating back in August.

Here are the details via Fox News:

Some good news this morning on "Fox and Friends" as meteorologist Maria Molina shared the details of her engagement.

Maria and storm chaser Reed Timmer got engaged last week as he popped the question while they were - fittingly - storm chasing.

Maria explained that he had a big plan to propose with a tornado in the background and Timmer's friend was going to photograph it, but the tornado never showed up.

He was going to propose in front of a tornado? Uhm, I would say that popping the question in front a deadly and destructive force of nature is kind of tacky, but then again, this is a guy that rolls down May Ave. in a car from the set of a demolition derby movie and is somehow able to still take himself seriously.

Here's a pic of the ring along with a weird video from Fox News:

reed timmer ring

Wow. That's shinier than hail stone.

Here's the vid:

I'm not going to lie, this news is kind of bittersweet. When Reed first joined the KFOR Storm Team I secretly wished that he and Emily Sutton would get married and have super bionic storm chasing children that would fly around deadly tornadoes and lull them to sleep by singing Emily's weather song, but then Emily started dating a fireman, Reed turned to Tinder, and I decided that dropping an extraordinary amount of acid each morning wasn't exactly the healthiest way to start the day and the wish slowly died out like a waterspout.

That being said, I really am happy for Reed. Although getting engaged is always a huge mistake, Maria Molina is a babe. She's hotter than the cap on a spring afternoon. Also, maybe Abigail Ogle will now finally stop hitting on him.

Finally, I wonder what this means for Reed's future in Oklahoma City? Is he still going to chase storms for Mike Morgan, or will he move to New York to live with his fiance. Better yet, maybe she'll move out here and go to work for Channel 4, 5 or 25. That would actually be pretty cool, because then Channel 9 would have to clone her or find another doppelgänger. A weather arms race isn't necessarily a bad thing.

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