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Here’s a scary video of cops forcefully arresting some dude on the OU Campus

ou pd police brutality

Overnight, we received the following email via The Ogle Mole Network.

Potential Oklahoma University PD Police Brutality

This video is making the rounds on facebook. Here is the link to the original post. I would advise downloading it in case OUPD gets it removed.

This is on campus by what appears to be Old Science Hall (the tan building) and the chemistry annex (the white building). There should be some security cameras that have more of what happened as this is essentially at the northwest corner of the library. I sent the link to the OU Daily as well.

1. We have not been able to confirm that this is OUPD. It could be Norman.

2. Let's check this video out.


See what I mean? Scary, huh?

Because the clip begins with the police already holding the man to the ground, I'm withholding judgement on this... for now. Who knows, maybe the guy was resisting arrest or something and the excessive force – which included four policeman dog piling the guy, kneeing him in the back and then smashing his head on the ground while he screamed "Help" – was, uhm, necessary.

But when you read the comments by Blake Wilson, the man who shot the video, that seems questionable:

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 2.42.28 AM
Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 2.42.13 AM

Know what my question is, Blake? Why you stopped filming after 60-seconds!?! Seriously, keep that video rolling. Also, the next time you film possible police brutality, keep your phone still. I felt like I was watching Blair Witch 5: Police State.

Anyway, now that we've brought some attention to this, hopefully the real media will investigate it.


Actually, I bet they will. This police brutality stuff is hot right now and will generate a lot of pageviews. Expect the KFOR Social Media Bandit to have something up soon.

We'll keep you updated if anything develops.

Update 1: Blake answered our questions. Here's an additional video he posted after the police successfully subdued the guy. He seems a more calm, but once the police put him the vehicle, he lets out his pterodactyl mating call and screams, I think, that he's crazy and for God to help him.

Update 2: Presto! Since we first published the videos, the real media has gone out and done their jobs. Here's a article about the incident and creep being arrested. I'm not sure if the force was necessary, but I tend to side with the cops over guys accused of looking up skirts in public. Additionally, I edited the title to be more accurate. The original headline had to word "beating" which was an extreme, social media bandit way to word it. That's why I get for writing this while drifting asleep at 3:30 in the morning. My bad.


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