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Hot Girl Friday: Amber Valletta

We've been running this series for almost three months and I still haven't received one pic of a hot girl in a provocative pose with "Ogle Mole" written somewhere on her body with a magic marker. Know how depressing that it is? Make it happen, Moles.

Today we take a look at Amber Valletta. She's a 1990s supermodel turned 2000s C-list actress who grew up in Tulsa. She currently stars on the-probably-awful TNT show Legends.

If Legends doesn't ring a bell, you may remember Amber from the movies Hitch, Gamer or Transporter 2. If so, congratulations, you like awful movies.

Before those movies, Amber graced the inside and outside pages of fancy fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle and, uhm, Redbook during 1990s and 2000s. In fact, she's been on the cover of Vogue 16 times. Amber had the trendy 1990s Ally McBeal anorexia heroin chic model thing going on, and did it pretty well. She was even addicted to drugs and alcohol. Basically, she was authentic.

Anyway, here are some old and new pics of Amber Valletta from over the years. She's our Hot Girl Friday:

amber valetta 11
amber valetta 10
amber valetta 8
AmberValletta 8
ambervaletta 6
amber valleta 7
amber valetta shape
amber valetta 4
Amber-Valletta 4
amber valetta 2
amber valetta

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