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The 2014 Oklahoma gubernatorial campaign is heating up…

Mary Fallin is on the move. Joe Dorman is on his way to the movies.

With only three months or so until the November election, Mary Fallin and Joe Dorman are starting to rev up their campaigns. I witnessed this first hand on Tuesday night when I spotted this monstrosity barreling down the highway:

mary fallin tour bus

I know you shouldn't text or take photos and drive, but remember, it's totally legal to do that in Oklahoma. Plus, there wasn't a lot of traffic and I was already in the middle of attacking a village in Clash of Clans so I had my phone handy. Trust me, it was perfectly safe.

Anyway, that's Mary Fallin's new campaign bus. Apparently, it's called "Mary on the Move," which is what her bodyguards usually yell after the Governor's had dinner at Ted's. Seriously, was that the best name they could come up? It sounds like it would be a better fit for a Mary Fallin porn parody. We should have a contest to come up with a nickname for it. Off the top of my head, some suggestions are the Derpmobile, Moto Grotto or the Bean Feeder.

Speaking of contests, while Mary is crisscrossing the state attending bean feeds and distancing herself from groups that want to have some fellowship and talk about the Klu Klux Klan, her Democratic opponent Joe Dorman is hard at work campaigning, too. Last week, he called-in to an Oklahoma radio station in hopes of winning free movie tickets:

joe dorman radio tickets

No, Andrew Speno was not hallucinating. I did some checking around, and sure enough, Joe Dorman was the 10th caller to 96.9 Bob FM. He won two free passes to see Expendables 3. Let this be a warning to all the ladies out there who have a number in Joe Dorman's flip phone that you're about to be asked on a date very very soon. You better start thinking of a good excuse while you have a chance.

In a weird way, doesn't that highlight the differences between these two campaigns? For Mary Fallin, campaigning means cruising around the state in a fancy motor coach trashing Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Washington liberals. For Joe Dorman, campaigning means trying to score free movie tickets and writing down the songs for the KJ103 "Hot 8 at 8."

In all fairness, Joe is doing other things, too. He released his first TV ad a few days ago:

You gotta love Oklahoma politics. I think we're the only state where a politician gets to brag about working in a mailroom in their own TV spots. Maybe in his next ad, Joe will begin with "I'm Joe Dorman. I know how to read."

Anyway, I have a feeling this gubernatorial election is going to be a lot of fun. Let's all set back, grab the popcorn (or a bowl of beans) and enjoy.

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