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Some drunk guy turned the Winchester Drive In into a demolition derby…


Unless you're with a drunk naked chick, I really don't see the fun and charm of going to the drive-in to watch a movie. I've attempted to watch movies on my phone in the car, and let me tell you, it's kind of distracting... especially when you're trying to merge on I-35 from I-240 while the Millennium Falcon is attempting to rush out of the Death Star.

Apparently, Oklahoma City man Curtis Russell shares my opinion on watching movies in cars, so he got drunk and turned the Winchester Drive In parking lot into his own personal demolition derby. It's the most interesting thing to happen at an Oklahoma drive-in since the Admiral Twin burned down in Tulsa a few years ago.


An Oklahoma City man accused of crashing into multiple cars while leaving a drive-in movie was arrested early Sunday.

Curtis Russell, 33, was arrested on a complaint of drunken driving at the Winchester Drive-In Theatre, 6930 S Western Ave., police said.

Officers responded to the theater about 1 a.m. Sunday to find several people holding Russell on the ground to prevent him from leaving.

Witnesses told police Russell ran his car into several cars on his way out of the theater parking lot and only stopped when he rear-ended a vehicle. One of the people in a car that was hit was taken to a local hospital with a neck injury, police said.

Officers said Russell smelled of alcohol, was unsteady on his feet and had slurred speech. At one point, he asked his girlfriend to throw a bottle of alcohol in his car over the fence so police couldn’t find it, according to the report.

Russell told officers his car’s brakes were not working and he did not mean to hurt anyone.

He was booked into Oklahoma County jail and released Monday on $5,000 bond.

Hey, if you're determined to drink and drive and cause havoc, I guess make sure to do it slowly in drive-in parking lot while a bunch of people are watching Hercules. That way, at least some of the people will get their money's worth.

Anyway, I hope the person with the neck injury is just going for a big insurance settlement, because let's be honest, that whole story is kind of funny. The only thing that could have made it better is if the guy was waving one arm out the window while screaming "SEND TRANSMISSION FROM THE ONE ARMED SCISSOR!!!! I would have found the dude and given him a high-five if that happened.

Editor's Note: Sorry about that obscure music reference that you probably didn't get. You see, I just quoted a lyric by the band "At The Drive In." Get it? This guy did all this stuff... at the drive in. Pretty weak, huh? Cut away. Cut away.

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