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You won’t believe what happens in these Oklahoma YouTube Videos…

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Unless you're a fan of depressing stories about assholes who torture dogs, it's been a slow news week here in the Sooner state. Because of that, I thought it would be fun to share some "You won't believe what happens in these Oklahoma YouTube videos" that have accumulated in my "stuff to maybe write about someday" bookmark folder.

The first is the directorial debut of Nigerian Prince impersonator Annette Colbert-Latham. Remember her? She's the lady who tried to dupe people into thinking Bravo was filming a "Real Housewives of Oklahoma City" pilot. She also brought Danny Glover to Oklahoma City for a lavish fundraiser that wasn't very lavish.

Well, in an "improvisational moment," Annette wrote a 5-minute screenplay called "Love To Go" and found some Oklahoma City Community College students willing to act it out for her. Sound amazing?

Check it out:

That was kind of like seeing clowns get killed in a deadly car crash. It was really sad, but also funny.

Couple of other things:

1. The video was uploaded to YouTube in 2010. I'm not sure how we've missed during the Real Housewives debacle, but I kind of wish we never would have found it.

2. Anyone else think the jacket was going to be Chekhov's gun?


Sticking with the unintentionally funny drama theme, here are the players from Oklahoma's Reduxion Theatre practicing stage combat for their production of Henry V. It's like watching Game of Thrones in slow motion, only without midgets and gratuitous nudity.

To make it more realistic, they should have used Nerf Fencing.


This guy is from Nova Scotia and likes to give weather reports from different parts of the world. In May, he covered an Oklahoma heat wave.

Wow, it sure is nice to see that David Payne is influencing so many aspiring young weatherman from around the world! Keep it up.

Seriously, can we go ahead and make a rule that all weatherman must have tourettes? It sure would make things entertaining. I'd personally pay $10 to hear him read the following terms:

• Heatdome
• Maxi Wedge Grinder
• The Cap
• Vortex
• Danielle Dozier

Actually, screw that. Let's just start a Go Fund Me and pay him to read the entire Gary England Drinking Game. Also, some channel should hire him as a morning meteorologist. He'll definitely wake people up.


Mary Fallin told her "Y" story:

Don't worry, I was also disappointed it didn't mention the Governor's Mansion Hot Tub.


Here's a breakdown of all the KFOR Channel 4 logos and identity packages over the years:

Here's one for Channel 9:

There wasn't a logo package for Channel 5, so here's a clip from 1989 when Good Morning America came to Oklahoma City for the Land Run Centennial. The clip features special guest host Reba McEntire's Hair and a cameo from James Garner.


Anyway, I guess that's it for this random video recap. Also, I apologize for the misleading headline. Sometimes the KFOR Social Media Bandit takes control of my body and forces me to do awful things. For example...

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