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Some OSU student won $10,000 from Fox News…

seth paxton fox news

OSU student Seth Paxton is $10,000 richer thanks to energy industry subsidies, the taxpayer and Fox News.

Paxton, a freshman from Tuttle, won the annual Fox News College Challenge. It's a contest where Fox News encourages students from across the U.S. to submit a biased, partisan, conservative video news package that promotes an agenda and is disguised as news.

Paxton's piece was about the hypocritical dilemma he faces being a conservative affluent white kid from rural Oklahoma who benefits and profits from generous federal tax subsidies. Basically, he describes what it's like to be an Oklahoma landowner.

Well, at least that's what I think his segment is about. Paxton's segment was so great that it's not available anywhere on Fox News or the Internet. Considering Fox is paying him $10,000 and giving him a summer internship, you'd think they'd show his report somewhere, right?

As of now, I'm basing all opinions from this interview Seth did with Steve Doocy and some ditzy blonde MILF on Fox and Friends.

Check it out:

Outside of the times they interview Fake Miss Oklahoma or Business Expert Ryan Tate, I don't watch Fox News very often. When I do, it's usually while catching a breath at the gym (rarely) or a laugh on the Daily Show (often). I know it's biased and everything, but is the quality always that bad? If you asked me which of those three people was the professional journalist / anchor, I probably would have guessed Seth.

My favorite part was where Seth spends a minute answering a question about why he chose the wind energy topic and how it personally relates to him, and then pretty blonde lady was "Yeah, so, uh, how did you decide that this was going to be your story that you wanted to do, because it had a personal edge to it to you." Even Vanity Perkins rolled her eyes on that one.

According to the interview, Seth wants to go to law school and become and energy industry attorney. I don't blame him. If he goes into journalism, the only taxpayer subsidies he'll benefit from are food stamps and welfare. I'd take rich and a guilty conscience over poor and guilty conscience any day.

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