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Dean Blevins was scolded by Gregg Popovich…

Gregg Popovich is my favorite NBA coach. He's the complete package. He's great with his players, gets the most out of this talent, knows his X's and O's, isn't scared to make in-game adjustments, and turned Fabricio Oberto into a legitimate basketball player. Sometimes I have a dreams where Pop is the coach of the Thunder and the team runs an efficient offense, takes care of the ball, and beer is only $3. A man can dream, right?

In addition to the basketball stuff, I love Pop's dry wit, sarcasm and the way he deals with the media. For example, last night he got on to Dean Blevins for stuffing his face with tasty Smart Ones during the post game press conference.

Here's the clip:

I don't know about you, but I'm starting to feel sorry for Dean. He can barely read a teleprompter, can't tweet and now he doesn't even know how to behave in a press conference. Pretty soon, looking at boobs will be the only thing he's good at.

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