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7 Oklahoma Smartphone App Ideas…

If you have a smartphone, you have a bunch of sweet apps that make your life easier. Unless, of course, you have a Blackberry. That's what I have, so my life is pretty difficult, especially when the camera on my phone is out of film.

I hear stories of people making a lot of money by creating apps and then selling them. I want to get rich, so I came up with some ideas to help get me there.


1. The Mike Morgan Weather Fear App

What it does: When severe weather strikes, this app will tell you to get in your car with your loved ones and tell you which direction to drive to get in the most danger. It will alert you 30 minutes before the severe weather which will give you plenty of time to get on a major interstate, which has because of this advice, been turned into a parking lot.

Cost: $1.99


wayne coyne girlfriend

2. The Oklahoma Crossfit / Vegetarian / Yoga App

What it does: Simple, while you're busy partaking in one of those activities it will update all your social media feeds constantly until you are able to return to your phone and tell people about how you do crossfit/yoga/vegetarian stuff. As an added bonus, you can set it to "sleep mode" and it will tell all your friends and followers about your lifestyle while you sleep. This app can easily be changed to suit other interests as well, i.e. LifeChurch, Vaping, hugging trees.

Cost: Free with proof of your smugness.



3. The Oklahoma Pothole Finder App

What it does: Are you tired of hitting potholes when you drive around Oklahoma? This app will show you a route to take you out of Oklahoma and into a state that has better roads.

Cost: $5 or roughly what it seems the Oklahoma legislature spends on fixing roads and bridges.



4. The Starbucks I'm Going to Poop App

What it does: When I see someone holding a cup of Starbucks coffee I think to myself, "They are going to have to poop any minute now." If you have this app, you simply enter the time you started drinking your beverage and it will start a timer, then it will display all the public restrooms within driving or waddling distance.

Cost: Less than a new pair of pants.



5. The Mississippi Exists App

What it does: When your feeling down, and start feeling like Oklahoma sucks, open up this app and it will give you a fun fact about Mississippi that will make you glad you live in Oklahoma! For example,  152 people die in Mississippi every year in gravy related accidents. Is that fact true? Does it matter? I already feel better about being an Oklahoman!

Cost: One bottle of Ranch dressing



6. LifeChurch.TV Sing-A-Long App

What it does: Love singing along to the praise and worship songs at LifeChurch, but hate looking at the ugly PowerPoint presentations for the words? This app will give you the words karaoke style while a video of Jesus wind surfing on Lake Hefner plays in the background.

Cost: 10% of your gross income


TLO Logo Hi Rez

7. TLO App

What it does? Make this site readable on a mobile device. Is that really too much to ask?

Cost: FREE

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