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Conflicting Linkbait Alert: Midwest City is the 4th most dangerous suburb in America


Mainly because it helps with my street cred, I like to occasionally brag that I called Midwest City home (pictured above) from about 2000 - 2004.

Overall, I enjoyed my time in MWC. Granted, this is probably because I was in my early 20s, and it's pretty damn hard not to enjoy your early 20s when you spend most of your time drunk and hooking up with strippers and models, but I have no complaints.

In fact, I'm proud of my M-Dub roots. That's why I'll occasionally drop casual references like "Oh yeah, well I shopped at the original Crest on Reno" or "Did I tell you about the time Jethro Tull served me drinks at Booger Reds?" or "Hey, remember when, wait, give me a sec, a fucking AWACs is about to fly by."

Well, my street cred is about to get a major boost. Some link baiting real estate blog has just ranked Midwest City number 4 on its list of "America's 10 Most Dangerous Suburbs."


4. Midwest City, OK

Located less than 10 miles from central Oklahoma City, OK, this suburb of 55,768 had the fourth lowest violent crime of any in our top 10, placing 15th overall in that criterion with 529 per 100,000 people in 2012. It did worse in terms of total crime, where it placed ninth with 5,876 per 100,000; the odds of being a victim of a crime were 1 in 17.

For property crime, Midwest City placed eighth with 5,347 per 100,000 residents, while it did worst in terms of murder, with a rate of 11 per 100,000 placing it at sixth for that criterion overall.

I don't know about this. Midwest City isn't Deer Creek, but it's not that dangerous. You are more likely to get food poisoning from Chequers than shot in a drive by. Plus, we didn't even mention crime when we published some 10 very accurate stereotypes about the city.

This means one of two things.

A) A lot has changed in the (Jesus Christ I'm Getting Old!) 10 years since I've lived in Midwest. Perhaps Del City has spread from the west like a fog from Mordor?

B) The people at have no clue what they're doing. Check out what city came in at Number 7 on their recent list of the 10 Safest Cities in Oklahoma:

7. Midwest City, OK

Midwest City is also part of the Oklahoma City metro area, and with a population around 56,000 it’s only slightly smaller than Moore. The city’s economy is closely tied to Tinker Air Force Base and was named for the airfield’s original designation, Midwest Air Depot. Midwest City is the seventh safest city in Oklahoma. The crime index is 5,346 – 103 percent above state average.

Okay, so Midwest City is the 4th Most Dangerous Suburb in America, but the 7th Safest City in Oklahoma? That makes about as much sense as the Sooner Rd. exit on the Tinker Diagonal. Sorry. That's another reference to boost my street cred.

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