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Ogle Madness VII: Final Four

We started with 68. Now we're down to four. On Monday, we'll be down to two. What an incredibly obvious and boring intro, huh?

Before we get to the matchups, we have a couple of notes:

• Lots of people were knocked out of the Ogle Madness VII Bracket Challenge sponsored by LOCAL when KD was eliminated.

• Voting for the Final 4 will last through Sunday.

Now let's take a look at the Ogle Madness VII Final Four matchups. You may notice a theme.

Game 1:

emily sutton bikini pic TLO logo

Northeast Regional Champion: (1) Emily Sutton

Emily really didn't have that difficult of a path to the Final Four. She's an Ogle Madness machine. The weather diva dismantled (16) Janet Barresi(8) Reed Timmer, and (5) Damon Lane(3) Jessica Schambach put up a valiant fight in the Elite 8, but couldn't overcome that magical, affable charm Emily Sutton beams from the green screen.



Midwest Regional Champion: (3) Olivia Munn

Olivia hasn't been on anyone's radar since 2012, unless you're one of the 11 people who watches The Newsroom on HBO or had to slog through Magic Mike just to catch some Munn boob. In her quest to get to the Final Four, Olivia defeated (14) the striking OU Tuba Players(6) Sweet Brown, (2) Russell Westbrook, and (1) Gary England. That's actually pretty damn impressive.


Game 2:

lacey swope 8

Southeast Regional Champion: (6) Lacey Swope

This is what we wrote about Lacey the very first time she made TLO:

"The girl on the left is KWTV 9 weather producer Lacey Swope. She occasionally fills in for Jed Castles in the morning and afternoon editions of News 9. It’s an obvious comparison, but she’s basically the 2010 version of Emily Sutton. She looks a little naïve, homely and sweet, but in two years she’ll probably find herself participating in a triathlon, downing shots at Cafe Nova and dominating the world in Ogle Madness VIII."

I went with the wrong Ogle Madness, Cafe Nova's closed, and Lacey is more into killing innocent animals than running, swimming and bike riding, but outside of those technicalities, I kind of nailed it.

Anyway, Lacey's defeated (1) Kevin Durant in the Elite 8 to make the Final 4. That's probably all you need to know. She's quite a force.



West Regional Champion: (6) Real Miss Oklahoma

Ready for the big reveal? Real Miss Oklahoma's name is Kelsey Griswold. And get this, she was childhood friends with our very own Chelsea.

Real Miss Oklahoma has a lot going for her. Most of it is physical. Ok. It's all physical. Her physical prowess is enough to crown her queen of the West Region. She defeated (1) Joleen Chaney by 10 votes, and before that, beat up on (2) Kristin Chenoweth, (3) Abigail Ogle and (11) Emily Sutton's Serious Boyfriend. That has to sting Abigail a bit. A woman who just wins by being pretty and saying a few things.

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