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Ogle Madness VII: First Round, Southeast Region (Upper Bracket)

8:00 AM EDT on March 19, 2014

We're half way through the first round of Ogle Madness VII. So far, the biggest surprise has been Scott Hines' Corner pulling a fast one on Street Outlaws. The results are not final, but if Scott's corner knocks our Big Chief's bunch, does that mean Scott gets moved on to the "List." Maybe he should investigate. 

These are your match ups for the top half of the Southeast Bracket. It features the prohibitive Ogle Madness and NBA MVP favorite, a porn star, a coattail rider, a weatherman and annoying sports personalities.

(1) Kevin Durant vs. (16) Baphomet

(8) Bibi Jones vs. (9) Krystal Keith

(4) Mike Gundy vs. (13) Skip Bayless

(5) David Payne vs. (12) Jenni Carlson

Vote after the jump:

(1) Kevin Durant vs. (16) Baphomet

kevin durant phone hacked

(1) Kevin Durant

Conference: Future NBA Legends

Who He Is: Star of Thunderstruck

Biggest Strength: Playing the game of basketball

Biggest Weakness: Hookah


(16) Baphomet

Conference: Terrifying Goat Headed Lords of Darkness

Who It Is: Satanic Idol That Might get a Statue at the State Capitol

Biggest Strengths: Has a goat head and is probably a God.

Biggest Weakness: Second most popular Juggalo tattoo.



(8) BiBi Jones vs. (9) Krystal Keith

bibi jones thunder a1

(8) Bibi Jones

Conference: Porn "Stars"

Who She Is: Star of 45 "movies"

Biggest Strength: Has been in the same number of "movies" as Julia Roberts

Biggest Weakness: Has the kneecaps of a 90 year old carpet layer


krystal keith amanda taylor

(9) Krystal Keith

Conference: Country Music Star Spawn

Who She Is: Daughter of America's Sweetheart Toby Keith

Biggest Strength: Riding her daddy's boot up an ass.

Biggest Weakness: Is never going to be as popular as Miley Cyrus.



(4) Mike Gundy vs. (13) Skip Bayless


(4) Mike Gundy

Conference: OSU Football Coaches

Who He Is: Head Football Coach for Oklahoma State Cowboys

Biggest Strength: Making Jenni Carlson cry

Biggest Weakness: Making sure his players don't talk to Sports Illustrated "reporters"



(13) Skip Bayless

Conference: Idiots

Who He Is: Commentator for ESPN





(5) David Payne vs. (12) Jenni Carlson


(5) David Payne

Conference: Screaming Meteorologists (Non-Emily Sutton Conference)

Who He Is: Chief Meteorologist at KWTV 9

Biggest Strength: Chasing tornados.

Biggest Weakness: Hairline.


jenni carlson

(12) Jenni Carlson

Conference: Sports Writers

Who She Is: Sports columnist for The Oklahoman

Biggest Strength: Writing one sentence paragraphs and open letters

Biggest Weakness: Making you want to read about sports


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