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Mary Fallin made a Sesame Street PSA…

1:37 PM EDT on March 18, 2014

mary fallin sesame street

We like to poke a little fun at and/or sue our Governor for the nutty things she does while running the state, but occasionally she does something cool. Case in point, she recently participated in a Sesame Street PSA with two muppets I've never heard of to promote "Healthy Habits." It was brought to you by the letters O, H and P.

Check it out:

That's kind of neat. It's hard to criticize the Governor for doing something nice for little kids. Unless, of course, you ask how Abby Cadabby and Rosita would have reacted if the knew Governor Fallin turned down healthcare funding for the poor, opposes equal rights for all U.S. citizens, cut education funding, is against the arts, and is fighting a plan that would place tornado shelters in all public schools. Had they known about those not-so-healthy habits, the clip probably would have changed from a PSA into an intervention. For what it's worth, it also would have ended with hugs.

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