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The Logan County Jail seems kind of cool…

1:45 PM EDT on September 25, 2013

Shealane Fields

The woman in uniform pictured above is Shealane Fields. We found the pic on some online dating site.

Shealane, which in Cherokee means "What an awful name," is a former jailor at the Logan County Jail in Guthrie. I used the word "former" because she was recently busted having inappropriate relations with an inmate.

From KFOR:

A corporal at the Logan County Detention Center is fired after a jailhouse scandal.

Shealane Fields is accused of committing several felonies for Daniel Clark; an inmate she developed a relationship with.

According to court documents, someone noticed Clark smoking in his cell. Fingers pointed back to Fields who allegedly smuggled in tobacco, a lighter, a flat blade screw driver, crazy glue and cell phone.

I can understand cigarettes, lighters and cell phones, but why would an inmate want crazy glue and a screw driver? Was he that desperate to get high and/or do some handy work around the jail? Maybe they were into kinky MacGyver-type role-playing or something. All they were missing were toothpicks and a ball of a yarn.

Here's the sexy part of the story:

Investigators also found 49 love letters. Some of the letters Fields passed to Clark during breakfast.

In one of those passionate notes they apparently talked about fabricating a medical event so Clark would be taken to the the medical cell where they could have sex.

In another letter the companions talked about a plan for Clark to walk out of jail; a real possibility since Fields was in charge of schedules for staff and controlled the locks...

You know what, psycho crazy girlfriends get a bad rap. Sure, they may be possessive, jealous and hide love letters in your breakfast, but at least they'll recreate porn scenes and help break you out of jail.

That being said, who outside of 12-year-old girls, Civil War soldiers and characters from Jane Austen novels still writes love letters? That's the story here. Is she also into homemade ice cream, listening to records and reading paperback books? This is the technology age! They should be texting and sending nude photos.

Witnesses say the couple also sent nude cell phone pictures of each other. After all the risk the jailer took for the inmate, turns out he had a fiancé he actually talked to on the phone Fields bought for him.

Okay, that's better. Also, lets hope they melt that phone in fracking fluid. I doubt we want to see any of those photos.

Anyway, you're probably wondering who the lucky fella is. Here's his mug shot:

Daniel Clark

Yep, Shealane Fields lost her job and probably ruined her life just for chance to hook up with Johnny Longface. It kind of makes you feel sorry for her.

p.s. - I found out why he needed glue and a screwdriver.

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