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Get your camera phones ready. The Oklahoma State Fair begins tomorrow…

3:13 PM EDT on September 11, 2013

The 107th annual Oklahoma State Fair opens it gates and doors tomorrow. The theme of this year's extravaganza is "Holy F*ck, the State Fair starts tomorrow?!?"

Seriously, doesn't it seem like the fair has kind of snuck up on everyone like Joe Dorman at bachelorette party? Maybe it's due to the August-like weather, poor marketing, and/or Thayer Evans and Trevor Knight for stealing too much of our attention, but the event really does feel like it should be a couple of weeks out.

Anyway, we've decided to bring back our popular State Fair Photo Contest for its sixth, and possibly final, year. Why could this be our last year of glorifying mullets, jean shorts and incest? I don't know. It just seems fun to end the thing while it's still popular. Plus, the contest started as a joke and now people take it way too seriously. Of course, you could probably say the same thing about the this obscure website, so maybe I should just stop writing about all that and move on to how the contest works.

If you're new to the site, this is how the photo contest works:

• Go to the Oklahoma State Fair and take photos. In particular, we're looking for funny / amusing /  pics that capture the people of the fair, and in particular, the people who come out of the woodwork, deserted trailer park and/or county jail to attend the thing.

• Email those pics to! When you do so, you are basically entering our contest and agree to let us use the photo and all that legal stuff. Also, if you see some friend post a funny picture on Facebook or Twitter, encourage them to enter.

• Come back in October to vote for your favorites! When the great State Fair concludes, we’ll sort through all the entries and post the 20 best photographs. TLO readers will then vote for their favorites. The six photos that receive the most votes will move on to the finals. The pic that receives the most votes in the finals will be the winner and win the grand prize, which is…

• Snap the winning pic and you can win a $250 Gift Card to Picasso Cafe in Paseo! That's pretty awesome. Thanks again to Picasso's for being cool. Also, if your photo makes the finals, we'll give you a $25 Gift Card to Yucatan Taco Stand in Bricktown. According to Craig Humphrey's new math, that's $10,000 in prizes.

So that's it. Good luck to everyone who plans on entering the contest. Don't get your ass kicked, and if you see this guy, you should probably run before he enters your dreams:

2012 State Fair Photo 19A

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