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2013 Worst of OKC: Worst Weatherperson

mike morgan david payne

Aside from the players, coaches, dancers, mascots, and stormchasers (just kidding) for the Oklahoma City Thunder, there are no bigger celebrities in Oklahoma City than the weather people. That's kind of funny when you think about it. Aside from Damon Lane, I bet all of them were bullied by jocks and now they're something to be reckoned with. Basically, they're like obscure local social bloggers.

The nominees are after the jump. Have fun picking the worst person who probably saved your life this last tornado season by standing in front of a green screen and braving the elements.


damon lane weather dong

Damon Lane

If this poll was to see who had the worse multi-circumcision weather dong, Damon Lane would win easily.



Mike Morgan

"Everyone head south."


david payne storm tracker

David Payne

A lot of people want to be like Gary England when they get older, because we should all aspire to greatness. Not a lot of people actually want to BE Gary England though. Heck, people even want to be like Mike Morgan, but not actually BE Mike Morgan. David has really done a poor job of hiding his desire to be one or both of them. It's like me and my desire to be anyone not me. Anyone. The only difference is I don't flaunt that on two different local newscasts.


emily sutton weather dong

Emily Sutton

She's goofy. She's cute. She's a weather nerd. She's won Ogle Madness two years in a row. That makes her far from the worst, but I'm not voting on this. You are. So I hope you're happy.


aaron tuttle 4

Aaron Tuttle

Used car salesman, global warning denier and former KOCO meteorologist Aaron Tuttle has 34,510 fans on his Facebook page. Apparently some people aren't satisfied with having TV weatherman scare them. They need people to do it on social media, too.

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