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The University of Tulsa now has a new cute puppy mascot


As a Tulsa native, occasional TU tailgater, and typical squealing girl who loses her shit every time an animal or baby walks into a room, I was happy to hear that the University of Tulsa has hired a puppy dog ambassador. Her name is Goldie. Eventually, TU plans to have Goldie lead the football team's charge out the tunnel, retrieve kick tees, and roam around the sidelines with the cheerleaders. Generally, puppies are great for drawing large crowds and getting people hysterically excited--two things that the University of Tulsa could definitely use during their football season.

From the Tulsa World:

The University of Tulsa isn't exactly going to the dogs, but a heart-stealing golden retriever is coming to TU.Goldie, a nearly 5-month-old female, makes her official debut as the university ambassador on Aug. 21 at "Bark in the Park," a Tulsa Drillers promotion at ONEOK Field.

But it's Sept. 7 - the Golden Hurricane's 2013 football home opener against Colorado State - where TU fans can really get to know her.

To be clear, Captain Cane is still the school's mascot. Goldie will serve as an ambassador. Kayla Acebo, TU's vice president of institutional advancement, said Goldie will attend the pregame tailgate party on Chapman Commons and then will begin her duties as TU's first live mascot in decades...

Starting in 2014, Goldie will lead football players onto Skelly Field, roam the sideline during games and even retrieve the kicking tee after kickoffs.

And when she's not at Chapman Stadium, she'll be a significant part of TU's community service goals, visiting nursing homes and children's hospitals and even schools. Acebo said she anticipates Goldie will be a regular at nearby Kendall-Whittier Elementary School.

This is going to introduce Air Bud: Golden Receiver to a whole new generation!

I'm onboard this idea. A cute and smart dog visiting tailgates is going to make Saturdays in Tulsa that much more entertaining. You'd have to be a total Grinch to not wuv them some wittle puppay dawgs. But does anyone else feel like this is...well...a little bit like when Burger King "introduced" a left-handed Whopper? You can smell this obvious and marginally creative publicity stunt from north Dallas. Regardless, Goldie is way more interesting--and less creepy--than that hurricane with arms character that's been roosting the sidelines.

Apparently some people are ticked that Goldie was purchased and not rescued. Really?! I'm all for adopting pets, it's the worldly and conscientious thing to do. But can't we like, take something for what it's worth and not constantly create some sort of agenda out of every little thing? For Christ's sake, it's a dog--not a blood diamond or a spicy chicken sandwich.

Also, does anyone know any canine dance choreographers? After that one crazy halftime show during this year's Thunder playoffs, Goldie's got some pretty big doggie shoes to fill.

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