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2013 Worst of OKC: Worst OKC News Station

9:30 AM EDT on August 12, 2013

Another "Worst of OKC" is upon us. Patrick has decided to "hire" me again to moderate this fun time happy fest that results in local celebrities punching me in the face and local media companies not hiring me. I am still getting paid in TLO Trivia Night pens and sometimes Patrick lets me sleep in his gold-plated TLO Hummer, so it all works out.

Each day for the next three weeks we will be posting a different "Worst of OKC" category. Each category allows you to anonymously vote on things you feel are the "Worst of OKC." Don't like a thing? Boom. Vote. It's your prerogative as an American employee to go ahead and pretend you're working while trying to make your voice heard. That's what the internet is for, right?

"But Joel, how did the TLO staff determine nominees???"

We basically went with the 300+ reader submissions. So that's how we did it. Get off my back, mom!

This week we'll be focusing on the local TV new media. First up is "Worst OKC News Station." This should be easy.

kfor weather team

KFOR Channel 4

First off, let's not make the entire weather team look like pissed off Best Buy employees. Second, let's not make everyone from KFOR traipse on over to Freedom 43 at 7am for another couple of hours of local stories in the morning. That gets awkward after a while.

We received a lot of nominations for Channel 4. The common complaint was that channel was amateurish, sensational and focused too much on sappy animal stories. Oddly enough, that's also why the station is so popular.


1Diabolic Paul Folger

KOCO Channel 5

The people at the news desk at Channel 5 sit way too close. It's like watching an awkward blind date.

Paul Folger's animosity towards whatever it is, is palpable. I'm sure Paul's a nice fella, but on air he acts like he found out his car was stolen and his insurance payment never cleared so he's out a car and all the things in it right before he's told to "go live." Actually, that's just one of his many faces.


cardboard kelly ogle and amanda taylor

KWTV Channel 9

They have the hottest weather girl this side of Emily Sutton, but God they are awful. They target all content towards the lucrative "I like country music, go to Crossings Church and/or think Mustang is fancy beer," demographic.

The font they use to caption and title their stories is so small and elf can't read it.


mike brooks jaime cerreta

KOKH Channel 25

It turns out there's some time allotted on channel 25 that isn't devoted to court shows, screaming British chefs or bad singers. That time is devoted to the News at 9. If a broadcast ever made Anchorman look like a credible documentary on how to best to do local news, it's the FOX 25 News. I know people who have worked there and they're smart and talented people. I'm sure the people there now are smart and talented. I can not figure out why each and every broadcast looks like it's the first time anyone involved has done a broadcast of anything. If I visit the studios and find the cameras are cardboard boxes with a hole cut in it, I would not be surprised. At all.


Thanks for reading!

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