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Olivia Munn opened up to John Stamos about losing her virginity…

This isn't weird or awkward or anything.

Former PC North and OU student – and for some reason Hollywood A-lister – Olivia Munn is a guest on a new Yahoo web series called "Losing It With John Stamos." It's a show where Uncle Jesse talks with celebrities about how, where and why they lost their virginity. The interview is then followed by Stamos either taking a co-eds virginity or playing the bongos on Kokomo. I can't remember which one.

From Huffington Post:

John Stamos is sharing some very personal information ... about Olivia Munn.

But don't worry, it's still her story to tell. Stamos spoke to E! about his upcoming Yahoo series, "Losing it with John Stamos," and highlighted a particular "Newsroom" cast member's upcoming tale.

"We've shot five or six [episodes]," Stamos said. "[Bob] Saget has done it, Olivia Munn was fantastic. Olivia was really good because she spoke really well about women and she waited until she was in love. She was 18 and it was interesting. I think it's going to get a lot of attention."

Now we just have to wait for more juicy details!

Fun fact. When I turned 21, my buddies took me out to a very not classy strip club on 10th street. When I was up on stage for the worst showtime ever, one of the strippers said that my eyes reminded her of John Stamos. It's one of the 10 nicest things a stripper has ever said to me that didn't involve a dollar.

Anyway, remember when we discovered that Louis C.K. slept with some woman from Oklahoma City in the late 1980's and then asked the Ogle Mole Network to find out who it was? Well, I considered doing something similar for this important piece of news but decided against it. This is for several reasons:

1. We were never able to verify who slept with Louis C.K. 

2. We want to keep things classy.

3. I'm the one who took Olivia Munn's virginity. 

Yep, since it's about to become public knowledge, I might as well admit it. We were young, in love and Kokomo came on the Magic 104. She wanted me to move with her to L.A. as she pursued her acting career, but I had to stay home and finish up my Associates Degree from Oklahoma City Community College. It's a shame it didn't work out.

Also, just to make this new Uncle Jesse web series hit closer to home, Bob Saget apparengtly took Marisa's virginity in 2009. He was making an appearance at OU. She was drinking whiskey and smoking cigarettes. Or was that Spencer. I don't know.

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