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@DanGordon is no longer the Mayor of Samuel Gordon Jewelers on #FourSquare

2:16 PM EDT on July 25, 2013

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We alluded to this earlier today, but we have recently learned that local verified Twitter addict Dan Gordon is out as the president of his family's jewelry business Samuel Gordon Jewelers. We know this because he spammed his resume to apparently everyone in Oklahoma City who has an email address.

Here's the beginning of the email.

Hope you are doing great. I just wanted to let you know I'm pivoting out of the family jewelry business...

If you think there are any opportunities out there for us to work to together that you think could be a good fit, I can send you a resume and references.

Just let me know. You can reply to this email or feel free to contact me on my cell (405) XXX.XXXX.

My email is

Below are a few highlights of what I can do and what I've accomplished.

Before we get to those "few highlights," let me touch base on a couple of things:

• Even though he's a little too obsessed with Twitter, Dan's a good guy. And I'm not just saying that because he always seemed to sponsor the giveaway items for our contests. Okay, that's probably a big reason why I'm saying that, but can you blame me? The guy gives away free diamonds like Johnnie's gives away free burgers. How can you not like someone like that?

• From what I gathered, I don't think it was entirely Dan's decision to "pivot" out of the family jewelry business. There's obviously more too it, but you have to think his obsession with social media played a role in everything. The guy averaged something like one tweet per minute for five years, and then noticeably went silent on Twitter from July 6th - July 21st. I doubt it's a coincidence. I would guess something like this went down:

"Son, you need to stay off Twitter or your fired!?"

"Give me one second. I need to share this song from Last.Fm."

"You're fired! Get out!"

"Hold on. I totally want to Vine this."

"Get out of the store!"


Okay, I doubt it happened exactly like that. Maybe he was caught humming the B.C. Clark jingle or mentioned he liked Pandora bracelets. Those are viable options, too.

Anyway, here are a "few" of Dan's highlights:

Social Media is something in which I am extremely proficient. I believe I could add value by evaluating businesses, deciding who/what/when/where and how they should approach a social media marketing strategy.I could then teach a business how to integrate that with existing marketing efforts. From there we could decide what works best and massage it over time.

I can work with retailers because I know their language and what they go through on a daily basis. I can tackle issues from the competition to e-commerce to dealing with social media outbursts and all the other issues online community managers face on a daily basis.

I am a great communicator and creative thinker. I think my past involvement with marketing campaigns that have proven results with connecting with today's Millienals is a strong point.

I have run effective social closed network native ad campaigns and have almost 2 years experience with running ads on Twitter and Facebook with much success.

I am familiar with mobile. I am not a designer or programmer, but I can lead a project on which 'calls to action' need to be placed on a website, mobile site, or app platform.

I am familiar with, although not a writer, Wordpress, LightCMS, Blogger, and understand the basic concepts on how a blog is important to web traffic. I can create effective blogging campaigns through ideas of what customers ask the businesses.

I can talk to groups on why Social Media, Digital Marketing, website presence, digital ads and traditional marketing tools are essential in today's highly competitive world.

I keep up with almost every new social app and website and have a vast knowledge base and understanding of all the major ones. I try almost every new social media platform there is.

Sorry, his resume's a bit longer than I thought, so I felt the need to break it up. I'm worried than Dan Gordon got the word "few" confused with "way too many."

I am good with knowing how to monitor social web presences. Things like "mention", Google Alerts, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and other social tools to monitor brand presence and customer service.

I am an expert on how businesses can grab free and easy to access already created content to use for their own marketing strategies.

I have had almost 18 years experience in the retail jewelry industry. I keep up with many industry social issues, today's turbulent business environmental commerce structure, industry issues and do my best to stay ahead of the curve on what's going on in the business world.

I can create and implement information for retailers to best use social media and business strategies beyond the basics. I can implement plans on when to ask for them to Checkin on Foursquare, Instagram or Tweet/Facebook jewelry. Net Etiquette 101.

I can also train businesses on how to use digital tools like their cellphone to take pictures and email to the customer instead of writing on a card. There are many ways to ensure more hooks are placed so they stand out with digital tools to turn more leads into converted social disciples of their store and brand.

I can easily evaluate a business to tell them which one of their brands are implementing digital marketing strategies and how to reach out and interact with them through all their social platforms.

If I was Dan, I would have thrown in a "I am Spartacus" just to make sure people are still reading.

I know how to bring a business into an environment, build volume and help empower employees to use their tools more efficiently.

I can create marketing strategies, brand messages and teach them how to tell the story. That could be through any avenue from Newspaper to blog to Youtube to Twitter/Facebook. I have created a television campaign that brought people to a Youtube video for more to come inside the store to shop and purchase.

I can tweet, Facebook or post anything for anyone and make it appropriate. I have 135,000 tweets and counting, so I have seen a lot. I have learned a lot from my mistakes. Lots of successes that I learned from as well. I have lived online for a good part of my life.

I am also very familiar with Google Apps for Enterprise. I can help a store for $5 per user per month get up & running on a full office suite.

I have a lot of ideas for businesses most people cannot think up themselves. I have been able to take the stuffy mentality out of jewelry for our store and make it to where potential clients are comfortable before they even come into the store.

At this point, apparently the "Enter" key broke on Dan's computer and he went into free verse mode:

I am also open and very willing to learn anything needed. I am a fast learner and have an extremely high concept quotient. I can take on any task, large or small, and usually with good direction learn it quickly. N I like learning all aspects so that I may better serve my efforts. I have a very humble approach and attitude of gratefulness always. I am willing to do whatever is asked of me. "Not my job" is not in my vocabulary. I did everything from mow the front lawn at SGJ to sell merchandise, buy, marketing, and take out the trash. I am a team player and am willing to lead and take direction. I believe asking the right questions are the key to the answers. I never want to stop learning. I know I have a ton more to learn and would love the privilege of doing so.

And guess what, we're still not done:

Some possible duties:

Sales (7 figure ticket book writer)New Business Development.Management. Leadership. Lead a team of 20 people.Brand DevelopmentMarketing StrategyIntegrated and Exclusive Campaign DevelopmentUp to date education on social networks and apps.Ad campaign execution and creative developmentNew business development.New product implementation to stores and in house if useful.Speaking to stores. Workshops on Social. Over web or in person.Education on execution of websites, apps, mobile sites.|Blogging concepts.Call to actions on website.Connecting with jewelers to specifically show them what I did and how I think it could help them. Successes, failures. Wastes of time. What is worthwhile.Analytics of efforts, whether it be social, or native ad based.Twitter expert. Ran ads for 2 years. Knowing what works and what does not.Integrated campaigns. Understand calls to actions. What works and what does not.+ Anything else I can be taught. I know I could learn much more with the right expertise and people working with me.

Anything else he can be taught? How about learning when to stop typing? Even Clark Matthews is impressed by the length of this resume.

It somehow continues:

Things to Note.

Pinterest contests. Twitter acquisition business in the 6 figure range. Facebook leads generation. Customer Acquisition and Retention. Social presences all grown organically and on Twitter with official Twitter promoted products.

Sales Expert, Buying Experience, Merchandising, Designer Line relationships and knowledge.

Management, Leadership. Employee Empowerment.

7 figure sales per year. Have been a buyer and merchandiser.

Annnnnnnnnnd we're done. I don't know about you, but I feel like I just watched the "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King." I kept waiting for the resume to end but it kept on going and going. Hell, I bet Dan's getting in a boat with a bunch of elves to teach them about Google + as you read this.

Anyway, Dan really is a good guy and we wish him the best of luck. I was laid off from my "real job" back in January of 2010. Outside of being born and a few other choice life experiences, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. It gave me the time, and more importantly, the motivation and initiative to try to turn a hobby/passion into a fledgling job. Hopefully, it works out the same for Dan. He'll probably open up a jewelry store called #Hashtag. Maybe he'll still be able to sponsor our contests. That would be cool.

Thanks for reading!

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