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Ogle Madness VI Final Four: (1) Joleen Chaney vs. (12) Prague Valedictorian

Here's your Ogle Madness VI Final 4:

(1) Joleen Chaney vs. (12) Prague Valedictorian

(1) Kevin Durant vs. (1) Emily Sutton

The first Ogle Madness Semi-Final open for voting is the David vs. Goliath battle between (1) Joleen Chaney and (12) Prague Valedictorian. Joleen has plowed through the competition while driving in her Beamer. This is her second Ogle Madness Final 4. The Prague Valedictorian, on the other hand, is the Ogle Madness VI Cinderella. She's made a somewhat surprising and unprecedented run to Final 4, defeating (5) Blake Shelton, (4) Scott Brooks, (1) Gary England and (2) Olivia Munn. And she's only in this thing because she said "Hell." Is this a great state or what?!

So it's come to this. A super smart woman who is an accomplished local journalist is up against a super smart girl who said "hell." I'm not trying to trivialize the girl from Prague's achievement but did that girl appear in the Sweet Brown video and NOT laugh? No. No she didn't.

Hell. Go vote!

(1) Joleen Chaney vs. (12) Prague Valedictorian

joleen chaney pinkdress

(1) Joleen Chaney 

Conference: Local News Vixens

Who she is: KFOR Anchor; Appeared in Sweet Brown video; Appears in Patrick’s Dreams

Biggest Strengths: Doubling up with Emily Sutton in the mornings, making Kent Ogle the Jack Tripper of morning news.

Biggest Weaknesses: Is engaged. Yeesh.

Last Game: Defeated (10) Abigail Ogle 419-343


kaitlin nootbaar

(12) Prague Valedictorian

Conference: Awesome Teens Who Will Probably Change the World

Who they are: Teen who got in trouble for saying “hell”.

Biggest Strengths: Pissed off this guy.

Biggest Weaknesses: Probably peaked in high school. Welcome to the club.

Last Game: Defeated (2) Olivia Munn 352-280


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