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Ogle Madness VI: Southeast Region, Sweet Sixteen

It's a battle of the KFOR weather guessers! Things haven't been this intense around the Channel 4 weather department since David Payne left to get paid in syrup. I'm not allowed to vote, but if I was I'd vote for the person who became my 200th follower on Twitter. Hint: It's not Mike Morgan.

Here's your match ups!

(1) Emily Sutton vs. (5) Mike Morgan

(2) Good Russell Westbrook vs. (3) Jessica Schambach 


(1) Emily Sutton vs. (5) Mike Morgan

emily sutton weather vane

(1) Emily Sutton

Conference: Past Ogle Madness Champs; Hot Meteorologists

Who She Is: KFOR Weather Person Non-Male Division

Biggest Strengths: Has managed to not jump ship to Channel 9; won last year’s Ogle Madness

Biggest Weaknesses: Now that she's following both @spencerlenox and @joeldavidd on Twitter she's managed to eliminate her weaknesses. Well played, Sutton. Well played.

Last Game: Defeated (8) Jamie Cerreta 406-178


mike morgan 5 alive

(5) Mike Morgan

Conference: KFOR Weather People We Don’t Want To Date; Tie Model

Who He Is: KFOR Lead Meteorologist; David Payne jealousy sponge

Biggest Strengths: Figured out how to convey dire weather situations through neck wear choices.

Biggest Weaknesses: David Payne was the only one who knew how to make coffee the way Mike likes it. Isn't following  @spencerlenox or @joeldavidd on Twitter. Your move, Morgan.

Last Game: Defeated (4) Chuck Norris 320-254



(2) Good Russell Westbrook vs. (3) Jessica Schambach

russell-westbrook-shirt and glasses

(2) Good Russell Westbrook

Conference: Good Version of Humans Named Russell Westbrook

Who he is: Elite point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder

Biggest Strengths: Would probably help you up if you fell down.

Biggest Weaknesses: There’s a good chance he’s the one who made you fall.

Last Game: Defeated (10) Sparkle Titsworth 362-208


jessica schambach bikini wexler

(3) Jessica Schambach

Conference: Local News Vixens

Who she is: Anchor on KOCO 5

Biggest Strengths: Ignoring Paul Folger’s wandering eyes.

Biggest Weaknesses: Is on a newscast no one I know watches.

Last Game: Defeated (6) Cardboard Jim Traber 349-229



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